Stanazolic Price

anyone has the street price on Stanazolol depot (Stanazolic 100, 10ml) in Montreal? Just want to know if I got screwed over ;0) First time I buy this aas…

survey for us montrealers : which pharmacy do you prefer to get the plungers?


AAS in Montreal are expensive like all major metropolises. I haven’t looked into wintstrol but typical prices on the street (or in the gym) are:

test e 250mg/ml 10ml - $120 - $150
test prop 100mg/ml 10ml - $120
tren ace 100mg/ml 10ml - $140
dbol 100 x 10mg - $100

As for best pharmacy to buy syringes, try to find one that is coupled with a clinic. If they provide the clinic, they tend to be well stocked. I use Proxim pharmacy. Normally they don’t give me a problem, but recently I started picking up for friends and one pharmacist started asking for a prescription. I told her I have always been served without a prescription and she relented. Just have to avoid that pharmacist from now on and only source for myself.

There are online places also, but I haven’t been able to find a good one that sells locking 1 ml syringes. I don’t know how trustworthy the non locking ones are?


I saw from reading the post that you probably where from around town ; )

Currently I’m ordering from, not too expensive, at least, compared to other sites. I guess I’ll have to take a look at Proxim… you kinda freaked out about getting used syringes from on-line stores… and I haven’t seen any plase where they mention the locking version.

Any qualms about getting 3ml syringes? I’m still reading up on using 0.5cc / day or 1cc every other day… but the half-life litterature on stanozolol shows me I should go each day.

I’ll try to go and get some at Proxim’s, we’ll see what happens lol… I just hope I’m not hitting the same one as you ; )

thanks for the info