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Stanazolic Injection Pain


Any body tried Stanazolic by Denkall,, if so why the hell does it hurt so damn bad,,I mean immediately after inject,, two days ago and my right thigh is so fucking sore its not funny,,, any body had a problem like this,, I have heard you can use sterile oil to cut BA out of trebolone,, how do you cut it out of a water based like winnie


Lots of variables for this subject. It may be the method not the substance.




I've heard injectible B12 can be used.

Also, the jury is still out on whether or not injecting is any better than drinking it so you could consider that too.


can you drink stanozolol? intead of inyecting it?


Yes, any compound that is orally bioavailable can be drank. There is no difference from the pill form.


No quite sure about the technique thing, I was hoping someone who had had a similar experience or for that matter even injected this brand would reply


Don't know bro, I have never used that brand or winny for that matter. I have experienced pain with other vet brands though.
What location?
How long is the needle?
How much per injection?