Stanavar 50mg, Mast Prop, Test Prop, Clen

Hi any tips on this stack, I’m only 20 yes I know I’m too young, Has anyone ever heard or taken Stanavar 50mg oral mix of avavar+Winny, what were your results ? And how did you get on with clen, this is my second cycle, first time was test + dbol and pct

No reason to take clen unless you’re cutting. If you’re cutting then you don’t need that stack at all.

As far as the stanozolol/oxandrolone combo, I’ve seen people use it before and several labs sell it. It kind of makes sense and kind of doesn’t. The reason to use oxandrolone is that it’s basically free of side effects. Stanozolol is certainly not free of side effects. So combining them seems counterproductive. But guys also rave about the results, sides be damned.

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You’re in Australia or the UK right? I’m not sure how reputable the place is (in Aus) that sells that particular branded name of anavar/winny.

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Thanks for the reply and info, Yes I’m cutting, guy I get them from said that would be a good stack ?? I’m still new to this but have done a lot of research, I know mast is good for cutting, and test prop doesn’t hold water like enth ?
You can still cut on this stack tho right

Yes mate uk

Test prop will cause pretty much the same amount of water retention as any other form of test. Test is test. That old bro myth is one that seems unwilling to die.

And look, that stack is probably great for a cut, but unless you’re holding a ton of extra muscle and you’re cutting really hard you don’t need a whole lot of anabolics to cut. 99% of your results will be determined by what you eat. Competitors put out these pre contest stacks and they’re filled to the brim with stuff, so everyone thinks they need a lot to cut. Unless you’re at a pretty high level a decent dose of test will be enough to spare most of your muscle during a cut. Will you look better using stanozolol and oxandrolone? Shit yeah you will. Is it necessary? Not at all.

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I’m 3 weeks into this exact cycle. Although taking var and Winny separately. Also on a cut. So far it’s been smooth, except I dropped the mast due to prostate enlarging. Just starting to see strength gains. Knowing more now, I probably would have just dropped the anavar though. Pretty much just to save money. It’s expensive and often faked.

Muscles are rock hard all the time, which is awesome. And the fat is definitely coming off quicker than doing it natural.

I started the clen at 40mcg for the first week, 60 for week 2, and 80 for week 3. Pretty low side effects. Slight vibrating in the fingers and dry mouth. Cramping was bad until I added daily taurine. The clen keeps my appetite down, which is an added bonus.

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Totally understand what your saying mate, I’m not huge no where near it like I say I’ve only done 1 previous cycle, I got some decent gains from it but since lockdown haven’t been working out as much, have been back to it for a few weeks now, did put a bit weight on during lockdown that’s why I want to cut, I’ve started the cycle now may aswell see where it gets me, I’m going to be eating clean aswell, I’ve not started the clen yet and also I’m leaving the stanavar for a week or 2 to let the test and mast properly kick in or should I just start them now ?

I’ve not started the clen yet going to wait for a couple weeks , keep me posted on how your cycle goes, are you running any Ai? I’m not but know mast is good for blocking estrogen, can get something if I start getting bad sides but I’ll see how it goes

The guy I got the gear from told me that test prop doesn’t hold water, Is it a case that it doesn’t hold as much water as the longer esters ? Or do you think he’s trying to get more money out of me as test prop is used up quicker ??

Yeah, I need a lot (1-2mg/day), but I’m running 750 test. You absolutely need an AI on hand at all times during a test cycle. You don’t want symptoms then have to wait 3 or more days to get it in the mail.

What Ai are you taking, I don’t have any to hand but can go to a boy and get them whenever mate I won’t be waiting

Total bullshit. It’s mostly the estrogen that causes the water retention the testosterone ester doesn’t matter.

Prop is worth more money though. The ester is lighter, so there is more testosterone in 1mg of test P than there is in 1mg of test C or E. Test P is about 90% testosterone by weight, where is C or E is about 70%

Arimidex. It’s what my TRT doc sends me. If I had a choice it would be aromasin.

Yeah I did think that to be honest I knew it was the estrogen that gave you water retention, he’s probs trying to get more money out me, I have tri test 400 sitting there aswell, could I go over to that even tho I’ve took the prop how would I do it, would save me money, only reason I’ve started the prop as the guy said it was better for cutting

Damn dude, I wouldn’t trust your guy at all. Is the gear even legit or sanitary?

For testosterone you want to go with only 2 options.

Test Prop 100mg/mL


Test C or E 250mg/mL or less

You could use doctor prescribed sustanton or undecanoate but it’s not worth the extra money.

The reason you don’t want to use blends is that they require extra solvent chemicals to dissolve all the crystals causing greater likelihood of a reaction or PIP

Similarly, for high concentration stuff like Test-400, the crystals don’t dissolve very good and can recrystalize in the muscle causing severe PIP.

Cheap shit products also have garbage ingredients and have high levels of impurities. All of which should be avoided.

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Yeah I think it’s legit, I got stuff from him before and saw gains felt a lot better and also had stretch marks so i know the stuff is legit.

I didn’t even know what Pip was lol just looked it up there. Last time I was taking Riods I was injecting Test E intoy glutes, I kept wakening up with a dead leg like I couldn’t feel my leg what so ever and was really quite painful, this went on for about 2 months after my last injection, I don’t know if this is pip?? Just when you said there made me think about last time


Sounds like it. Stick with the concentrations I mentioned above and don’t use stuff with cheap synthetic oils and solvents.