Stan QV 100 Soreness

I did 50 mg of Stan QV 100 (winstrol) in my quad last night and I can barely walk today. I experienced this soreness in my glutes too but not this bad. When will this go away?

give it a few days. I would avoid injecting qv stan in quads. The reason is that since you are always walking and using your quads they are constantly aggrevated. I like to limit win injections to the shoulders only

That’s just how that shit feels. I’ve only used winny 1 time now ( qv 100 stan) and it felt pretty shitty everywhere I put it. On the up side it looks BAD ASS in your bi’s and tri’s. On the other side of that sword, it hurts quite a bit. What gauge are you using? Speed? These are all things to consider otherwise I’d say try to inject based around what you’re training ie. don’t hit your quads before leg day. Good luck bro.

I’m using 21 gauge 1.5 inch needles. I inject pretty slowly, I’d say about 15 sec for a 2cc load. Have you ever put it in your delts like JT recommended? Did that make a difference as far as pain? Thanks for the help guys!

Injecting 2cc in 15 seconds is slow to you? LOL My rule-of-thumb is to push 1cc over a 30 SECOND period, whether it’s an oil-base or water-base drug.

First off, Winny hurts like a bitch no matter where you put it, because of the crystals. The time it takes for those crystals to dissolve will govern how long you will be in pain for.

Second, punching that full 2cc in your quad could be your problem too. I would spread those 2cc over two or three different body parts, especially with a chemical like Winny.

Third, use a smaller gauge needle. Using a 21g pin for water-base chemicals isn’t necessary. You may be able to get away with using a 25g needle, which would lessen the muscle trauma. Good luck.