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Stan McQuay 1st Place


People often ask where has Stan McQuay gone..... Well he's back, he got first place in the Jacksonville Pro.


Congrats to Stan I want to see him compete with tougher comp. tho!


Has he actually made any improvements during the last year or two? Doesn't look like it...
's been ages since I've seen any pics of him though, maybe my memory is a little fuzzy.


Damn for under 202 he is huge. Awesome conditioning and size for a natural.




Personally i think Gee Deserved 1st place....


Looking at the pictures I was wondering why peter putnam only got 6th...then I saw his back shots and noticed he somehow has no mass back there. Odd.


He always has a goofy ass look on his face on most of the non-contest pictures that I've seen of him. Like in this months MD. Its like someone yells, "Dingleberries!" and he looks over and the camera guy takes the shot.


Stan has a great physique but was 3rd place there in my opinion based on the pictures I've seen.


he is doing a few

"So I plan on making my pro debut August 3rd at the Jacksonville, then on the 7th is the Tampa Pro and on the 14th is the Europa. "


u serious? lol


I take it that you have a broad definition of the term "natural".


Prematurely hit submit. Does this win qualify him for the Olympia 202? or is he already qualified for it?


So he is not natty? I guess I am really dumb for thinking he still was.




He trains at a gym like 10 minutes from my house and made an appearance with his wife at my college gym. He's kind of a weird dude, but damn his wife is super hot.


Isn't Tricky Jackson related to another well known Pro ? I wanna say Dexter but that feels too obvious.


in his fit tv episode(dunno if thats the right name, podcast from bb.com) he seemed quite normal...


Yea dexter's cousin i believe...


Is it normal to do back-to-back shows with only a week break?


It is done in the pro's, Kai did Arnold and the Australian this year with short time in between, im pretty sure freeman did back to back shows last year as well..

The reasoning behind it is that if you did one show a week ago, you already have the conditioning to compete, this was Gee's first show after his pro card, and Flex advised Gee to compete and get his money, so i guess he took the advice.

I believe he stated that he was at around 175lb, so i think he has a great future in the 202's.