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Stan Lee vs Hugh Hefner


Who would win and why?


Niether they would forget why they were fighting in the first minute and wonder off looking for an early bird buffet special.


Stan Lee... Why? The Hulk.

It really is that simple.


More than that, Stan Lee is supporting all of Hollywood right now. Where the fuck would theaters be without super heroes? I am honestly betting many theaters would have gone out of business if it weren't for many of the characters he directly or indirectly helped create.


But then, Hef has hoezzzz.


But Hugh is supporting most of the men in Hollywood through other means. I mean come on where would Charlie Sheen be without former or wanna be playmates?


I think both would break a hip and call it a day.



Stan Lee can fly. Who needs hips?


What SSC said.

Besides, Heff's hoarding too much of the good stuff.
Not cool.

Prince Arutha died falling off a horse and breaking his hip.


Well, both Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner have left an indelible mark on the minds of countless teenage boys across the world. Then again, Playboy is responsible for countless indelible marks on bedsheets across the world.



Hugh didn't invent tits and ass. He didn't even co-create tits and ass. You can go anywhere and find tits and ass equivalent to what Hef is responsible for.

There's only one source and place to find the Hulk's next adventure. Vagina is everywhere. A good comic book hero is not.


Stan Lee helps nerds get laid, Hugh helps himself get laid. All I gotta do is throw on some green paint, flex my arms and i'm in at any comic convention and the hoes come a running. Thanks Stan.


Hef wasn't cool enough to play himself in Iron Man 2, so Stan had to step in.


Also, the reason I made this thread is that it occured to me....if Stan died today, he could pass knowing full well that very few humans lived that kind of life or even had the chance to influence a world full of people before he went.

Isn't that pretty much fucking ideal?


Depends on whether or not Hef gets to use his Viagra. Not only does it allow him to have to sex, but I am betting it's the only thing from being a corpse.


He probably popped wood just to flip off Heff because his hands were full of...honeys.


Stan Lee all the way. I started reading comics at a very young age and not only does it sparks a child's imagination but it helps build their reading comprehension skills at an early age. Also you don't get beaten unmercifully if your mom catches you reading a comic book.




Heff sucks.


Great reference!