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Stan Efferding Strongest BBer in the World


Check out this new video from the SuperTraining Camp. I have been following Efferding and his lifting since before he started training at ST. He is CRAZY strong, there is no doubt in my mind he is the strongest pro bodybuilder.

I think he will SMASH what he put together at his old raw meet when he does his next comp in a few weeks.

This should be fun to follow. I wish him the best. The guy is freak strong!


So does it really matter where your arms during a bench? That guy's arms are no where near where Dave Tate's video shows. His are where the majority of people have them during a bench, elbows straight out east and west.


damn, dude is beast.


No, there's definitely a small tuck to his elbows as he lowers the weight.


Yeah, there's a tuck. Also, you can't really have elbows on your side in raw lifting, the groove is different than shirted. If you tuck too much it puts a ton of strain on the shoulders and you're way weaker than any other "stance".

I have a little trick to find the raw groove. Take the empty bar at lockout, tuck as much as possible. Then lower the bar to your chest and "release". Your elbows should find their strongest position themselves.


How can ya say his elbows are not tucked in that vid??


Because he's not benching with his upper arms completely parallel with his body and touching the bar near his navel. Duhhhh.


Here are some interesting videos. It goes part way towards explaining why Stan Efferding is loaded. It also puts to bed the myth that "Flex Wheeler didn't work hard".

Is anyone else impressed by how charismatic Stan is in front of the camera?


Show me anyone who benches big raw with that style. You won't find anyone. That is great form for benching in the shirt, but you can't press big like that raw. The ideal line for raw benching is a lot higher on the chest.


Check this out at the 50 sec mark: "The last 6 or 8 weeks we spent 5 hours a day really getting pounded."

Pretty good video...but I just couldn't let that go!


I'm pretty sure that everyone just witness Stan pressing big raw with that style


You are trying to tell me that his forearms are perpendicular to the ground and he is touching the bar down by his "naval"? LOL you must have rocks in your head.

I think this is the problem with the internet. It is so easy to misunderstand people. I freaken like Stan and I like what he is doing for raw lifting. I was responding to someone else who thinks that raw lifters should bench the same way as equipped guys. Perp forearms, LOW touching on the belly etc. It is not going to happen. Good raw pressers bench more like Stan with a higher line and less tuck of the elbows.


Stan tucks his elbows in that video. Stan tucks his elbows on his benches.

What the shit do you mean "you can't press big like that raw"? I'm fairly certain a 585 raw bench for nearly a double is a big bench.

What's your raw bench?


No one said this.


yeah i didnt see it either.

But i do agree there is no way you can bench raw annd equipped the same way. that shirt is the most uncomfortable thing on earth!


Your sarcasm detector is broken, broseph.


Frickin hilarious turn....

Pretty sure Stan's arms are perpendicular to the floor anyway... it'd be a modded JM press otherwise. You can keep your forearms perp. to the floor however you bench, just means flaring your elbows a bit more.


Totally missed this. All Stan Efferding videos have been ruined for me now.



Answered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzBDdHlHUWE&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo%2Egoogle%2Ecom%2Fvideosearch%3Fq%3Dbrian%2520siders%2520benching%26rls%3Dcom%2Emicrosoft%3Aen%2Dus%3AIE%2DSearchBox%26oe%3DUTF%2D8%26sourceid%3Die7%26rlz%3D1&feature=player_embedded


That wasn't actually 600x4 at the start was it??? :o