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Stan and Others: The Fountain of Youth

Wow…there has been QUITE a stir caused on the Photo Forum by a 51 year old Fitness Model named Stan. Seems like some believe he is 51…some don’t. He’s for real…

If there is one thing I’ve learned from T.C. and Chris over the past 2-3 years, it’s that in this game of Health and Fitness, there are no “secrets”…eat right…eat clean…get yout ass off the couch…but there can be “yardsticks” by which we can measure our own programs and progress with. Certainly there are three things you need to be in the shape Stan is at 51: 1) The right parents 2)hard work, consistency and dedication to Fitness and 3)a 365 day commitment. There are no shortcuts, folks.

So…I’ve asked Stan to get us started…maybe a little about his parents (as it relates to health and fitness), his basic philosophy of Fitness, and of course his workout and nutrition plan.

It should be fun! And maybe Chris will consider him for “Real People…Real Muscle”


Well, I’m going to be a pest real quick and hi-jack this bad-boy.

Lion King, my man! How the hell are you, baby!

Now...back to your regularly scheduled program and Stan the Man

Worst. Hijack. Ever.

Stan…we should be together…

Yeah, Timbo, c’mon. I mean, if you’re going to highjack a thread, at least post about asses or something.

Actually, Mufasa, I was thinking the same thing about the Real People, Real Muscle idea. Personally, I believe the guy. While his level of “youthfullness” is unusual, it’s not unheard of. Bill Pearl had pics of himself in his 50s in M&F back in the 80’s, and he looked awesome. Clarence Bass’s skin is pretty much water-tight. Even someone like Geaorge Hamilton, who doesn’t have great BB genetics but does know a lot about skin care, has skin that could be confused with a 30-year-old’s. So I don’t think that it’s impossible for Dan/Stan to be representing himself the way he really is.

Still, I know that there are lots of people out there who won’t believe until proof is shown, so that would be another reason for Shugs to do the interview (in person).

Gorrilla in the Mist…You know what, bro, I thought that I missed your Monkey Ass…I’m just messin’. I don’t know what we’d do without our Number One T-Knucklehead E-Man.

Worst response to a call on a poorly hijacked thread. Ever.

I got a philosophy that helps… you will only get better with time. I’m 24 and I’ve seen enough about health and bodybuilding to know the older guys are generally bigger and have more complete physiques. Just the way it goes so if you want that perfect body you must realize it will take time, but it is something to look foward to. This is pretty much the opposite oppinion of most BBs my age but who the fuck cares! I also constantly vocalize my intention to live longer than 100 years!

Hi, this is Stan/Dan. Anyway, I am not a professional model, I just do a little on the side once and a while. In fact, my agent has me going back to NY in 2 weeks to see some potential clients, so that should be interesting. That might not be a bad idea for them to do a real people interview with me, then at least everyone would see that I am for real. I will think about that, and maybe Tim or TC will contact me about that. Thanks again for being so supportive with regard to the non-believers.

This is copy of a post I just made on the photo forum. This is Stan/Dan. My routine is basically 2 body parts a day plus alternating calves or abs every other day. Day 1, Lats and bi’s and abs. Day 2, Traps, Shoulders, Calves. Day 3, Chest and Tri’s and Abs. Day 4, Legs and calves. When I am pushing it, I do this every day and only take a day off once and a while. Sometimes I will swtich to one body part a day, with one day off a week. My secret to staying lean is cardio on a tread mill as soon as I get up in the morning, before eating anything, then you only have fat to burn after fasting all night. I also do another cardio session after my workout. I generally follow a high protein, low carb diet, I eat only quality food and meal replacement powders and bars, so what ever little fat slips in is OK. I also take about 20 fish oil pills a day. Drink a couple liters of water each day. If I am really needing to get cut, I will do a 3rd cardio on tread mill at the end of the day and cut my carbs to less than 100 grams. Supplements, T2, MD6, Tribex. I use 4adec once and a while but not much. I liked the androsol spray, and used it some, but unfortunately can’t get that anymore. I have used Mag 10 a couple of times, but I am generally into maintaining and not bulking up much. Though perhaps I should do a Mag 10 series and really work on my legs as they are real strong, but they just don’t bulk. That is it in a nutshell. If you have more specific questions, just ask. Oh, I have never used steriods, given that I have been the soul provider for a family of 3 kids in the past, the risk was not worth it. Thanks!

Aloha gotodano:

You are a machine! Am I interpreting you correctly? You weight treain everyday, hit each part twice in a eight day cycle, with abs and calves on a four times per cycle, Plus cardio X2 per day? WOW.

Four days in the gym and then cardio on the off days wipe me out…

To Mitch, yea, that is my workout. I just happen to absolutely love my workouts, they are the best part of my day. I do admit sometimes I am too tired, so I skip a day, but it is rare. But since I workout just about every day, when I do skip a day, I don’t feel like I am cheating. Of course when my kids were younger and still at home, I could not work out that much, probably 3 times a week, but now with them grown and out of the house, I have the extra time. By the way, are you in Hawaii, as I see you said Aloha. I go to Maui at least once a year, and have actually considered working there. What island are you on if you are in Hawaii?

Yes I am in Hawaii, Oahu on the fringe of Waikiki. Great place for cardio, I jog the four miles around the Ala Wai canal then along Waikiki Beach at sunset. Outrigger canoe paddling, golfers, highschool sport events, soccer fields, softball, surfing and swimming are all happening all the time along the way. Been doing this three or four times a week for four years and have never been foiled be bad weather.

Shit, Mitch. I hate you…


I understand your pain, I grew up in Snoqualmie, WA.

Just letting you guys know I have not disappeared. I have actually tried to post several additional photos on the photo forum but I think there seems to be some problem, as nothing seems to be getting through, because I do not get an email saying it was approved or disapproved, nothing. I will keep trying. I leave on Sunday the 16th for NY for a week that my Model Agency wants me to spend seeing clients. So, will see what comes of that. Yes, I am still 51, 3 kids, 3 grandkids.