Stalling with GMM

Hi Coach Paul,

I have started following the GMM routine training 4 times a week. I love this kind of training and my progress(Rep PR) have been great. But after four weeks it stalled and even regressed a little on some lifts for a few weeks. Would you suggest either of the following, or any other strategies?

  • sticking with it
  • scaling back to training 3 times a week
  • starting a base building phase to switch things up

My motivation to train is still high, and my food intake is enough that my bodyweight is increasing. I am an early intermediate and my life stress isn’t unusually high for the past few weeks.
Thanks a lot!

Are there lifts that are still progressing?

Which ones are, and which ones have plateaued, and which ones regressed?

The main lifts using over warm up and back off set regressed and those using 350methods still progressed by 2-3reps per workout. Other lifts remained mostly the same

Not to get in the way, but are you pushing the “over warmup” set(s) harder?

I based them on the percentages(85% of theoretical Max)

Gotcha. But I guess my question is, have they gone up? Without knowing more, it seems possible you’re going heavier on that rep, then fatigued on the following sets so you’re getting fewer reps there.

For me, the weight for the over warm up sets mostly remained the same except when my weight for back off sets increased

Coming back to this, I’m slightly confused (it doesn’t take much).

Show me some examples of regression.