Stalling Too Quickly?

I’ve been running a 5x5 program for 2 months now.
my squat is only 65 KG
Bench is only 55kg
Deadlift is 75kg
OHP is 35kg
Surely is should be stalling this soon also i haven’t exactly been eating enough protein in those two months so could that be the reason why.

Don’t neglect carbs and fats, they’re useful plus they taste good. Are you ramping to a top set or are you using the same weight for all 5 sets? If I was in your situation there are lots of 5x5 excel spreadsheets that take all of the thinking out of it, all you gotta do is load the bar and move it.

Eat… Your welcome.


most likely your form sucks ballsacks

and the weight you’re using sucks ballsacks

There are three common denominators to gaining strength:

  1. Recovery - the most important aspect of strength training
  2. Diet - the most important aspect of strength training
  3. Training - the second most important aspect of strength training

Learn these three things. Your training MUST always revolve around your diet and recovery ability. If number 1 and 2 suck, stop wasting time in the gym. It’s pointless.

The training creates an opportunity for the body to grow - you have to feed it and rest it to make it grow.