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Stalling on Stronglifts 5x5


I'm just looking for some advice on which program to move onto once I stall on Stronglifts 5x5. Should I transition to 3x5 as recommended by the program when this happens or to another program. I haven't stalled as of yet, I'm hoping to squeeze two more months out of 5x5.

I don't plan on entering any competitions BB or PL but I do want both strength and size. In my late teens and early 20's I was always lean. I started lifting 18 months ago at 72kg and probably around 10% body fat.

I started this program 12 weeks ago
Squat 40kg to 105kg 5x5
Bench 40kg to 75kg 5x5
Row 35kg to 70kg 5x5
Press 20kg to 47.5 5x5
Deadlift 50kg to 115kg 1x5

BW Currently 83kg @ around 12% body fat.
Height is 6ft 1.5in
Eating 3500kcal a day over 3 meals plus a shake in the evening.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried resetting your poundages and working back up at all?

If not, reset your weights back by 20 pounds or so and climb your way back up. 2 steps back, 3 steps forward type thing.

If it bothers you to use "lighter" weights, you can work on using better form and/or even pauses if you find it too easy.


I would do 5/3/1 were I in your position.


I have reset once on Squats when I failed at 97.5kg for 3 workouts, reset to 87.5kg and then worked back up to 105kg where I'm at now, so yeah 2 steps back 3 steps forward in action right there. I don't mind using lighter weights, it does give me a chance to recover and work on technique.

The program suggests resetting up to 3 times on squats before moving on, which I was planning on doing. I'm just thinking ahead for when I do truly stall on this program.

Thanks for your reply


Thanks, I've read a lot about that on here. Would it be best to start with a basic template?


Definitely. Allows you to get a feel for it. BBB would be great assistance work to start.


I was in a similar situation to yourself only a few weeks ago. Here is a link to my thread. Take what you want from it.


Of the well-known beginner programs, stronglifts has the biggest flaws IMO but if you're enjoying it and it seems to be working then why not follow it through?

3 stalls, then deload.
3 deloads then move to 3x5
3 stalls, then deload
3 deloads then move to 1x5
3 stalls, then move to another program.


This makes sense. I am enjoying it and it is working. I might as well milk it for all its worth and then move on when I need to.


This. Btw, nice work on the increased strength. For 12 weeks, that's pretty good.


Thanks, I started with 50% of my 5RM like it suggests so the first month or so was REALLY easy but it helped me work on my technique especially with the high frequency squats.


yeah a lot of people hit a wall around that point. Move on to Texas method or 5/3/1


So I thought I would update everyone as to where I am now with this program.
I am still on 5x5 for every exercise.
Squats 110kg just completed 5x5, next stall move to 3x5
Bench 80kg 5x5 stalled once at 82.5kg now moving back up
Row 82.5kg 5x5 no deloads
OH Press 50kg 5x5, stalled once at 52.5kg now moving back up
Deadlift 135kg 1x3, two more attempts to get 1x5.
I feel like my technique has really improved on all exercses with this program. I had some knee pain over the holidays but this is much better now.
Long term I'm going to fully complete 5x5, then move onto madcow, then 531 which I think covers my next 12 months of training and beyond. Thanks everyone for all the advice previously posted