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Stalling on Squats and Only on Squats


So I'm actually progressing really well on my routine except for squats. I've been stalled at 315lbs 3x8 for 3 leg sessions now, even after a deload. It wouldn't me as much if I weren't making progress in all of my other lifts but I am making excellent progress in my other exercises.

Do you guys have any advice to help me get to progress? I was thinking about maybe dropping back to 310lbs or 305lbs until I'm able to do it 3x9 or 10. It's just by the time I'm on my last set my legs are done and just end up giving out after the 6th rep of the last set. Thank you guys for any advice.


Drop your reps to 4-6 and ramp up. 275x4-6, 315x4-6, 345x4-6. If you can do this then add weight/reps to the last set. Stop doing 3 sets at the same weight.


I've actually never done ramp up sets except for when I was on Wendler a while back. If you hit all your numbers, do you just add 5lbs on your next workout like you do normally?


yes, progressive overload is the key, if you're stuck try changing stuff, if it works keep it.


I would definitely try and mix up the rep scheme like cueball said...try and work up to a 4-6 rep heavy set by ramping and then the next week, maybe try and work up to a 3 rep heavy set, then the next, try and hit multiple sets of 5-6 with the first weeks heavy weight...something like that, but mixing it up like that will certainly help you not stall as much.


I think maybe switching to the 4-6 range would help me out a lot, like I said I'm just completely wrecked by the last set. I think I will try some ramp sets in the 4-6 range.


Depends, film yourself squatting and post. It could be your lower back, flutes, etc.

Without specifics, not much anybody can recommend.