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Stalling on Overhead Press

I have stalled in my overhead press, I am currently doing a push press in its place to see if it will help when I try again in the near future…if you have a better suggestion I would love to hear it

I stalled for a long time as well and personally found George Leeman’s high-rep approach to be a lifesaver. I don’t like that approach for every lift but progressively heavier sets that start lighter and very long up to 20 reps really seemed to work on upper body lifts very well. It took me 2 months to go from 5x60kg to 3x90kg.

Maybe, it just hasn’t with any other lift including bench it’s just oh press but I will look into what you suggested

I had the exact same problem. Bench, squat and especially deadlift were all going up but OHP was simply cemented. You could also like varying your grip width which is also what I did. I used to have a pretty narrow grip and I did standing overhead pressing. Now I use my bench grip with my ring fingers on the marks and do seated overhead presses with a barbell and it feels much stronger and more comfortable.

Generally, the press is everyone’s weakest lift. All lifts will progress at different rates, and you shouldn’t expect certain numbers based on how strong you are in other lifts.

My suggestion would be to just reset the TM on the press and use something like FSL 5x5 for a few cycles to build strength.

Do volume for it. 5x5 FSL is a good idea, or if you want to go crazy do the BBS or BBB for the press.

I’ve just been doing 5/3/1 everyone is talking through the forums of Bbb and bbs I can’t seem to find exactly what it is lol link would be helpful lol

BBB is in the book. BBS is on my website.

I have the book I don’t know I have missed that lol

I have a pdf book on my phone maybe I have an old version or something I do not see anything about Bbb or bbs I’ll have to look on the website

Boring but Big/Strong. I don’t believe it is abbreviated anywhere in the book.

Lol ok so they are talking about the different variations he has in the book, I know those sorry I don’t really use abbreviations except lol…lol

So now that I know what the Bbb and bbs are why suggest going that route, just to take out more supplementation work?

I guess I do pretty much the triumvirate, I have switched 2of the exercises, instead of flat dumbbell bench I do incline and instead if leg curls I do barbell lunges

I guess many lifters have experienced that press responds well for higher volume. Its pretty common that press stalls first and increases much slower than other lifts.

I’ll try the high rep scheme, still use my percentages but do a much lower percentage, maybe work on making every press as explosive as I can

I find paused work on supplementary movements really makes a difference, even the press.

Try a cycle where you pause around eye/top of head level.
Lower TM, make sure you’re doing dips and face pulls.

I’m doing dips, not face pulls, all different approaches guys, thanks I will try them see which one works, going to take like a month or so for each though to really see lol

Recently I broke my PB by doing very high reps at 70%1rm ,around 15 to 20 reps per set for around 4 or 5 sets. Seemed to work for me but don’t hold me to it, it might not work for you, its a very similar idea to what a few other people have suggested .

Try at least 2 cycles of each approach. You don’t need to do them all. Take what interests you most and try that.

If you do more work (in the form of assistance or in the main lift) you’ll be good.