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Stalling on Food?

I was wondering if you can stall on food like chicken and rice if you eat it day in and day out. Same as you stall on caffeine if you take it on regular basis it stops working.

Does the body stops absorbing the nutrients on food, or maybe less efficient? Like you`re hitting a food plateau.

Any thougts?

No, that’s not how food works.

The worst that could happen by sticking to the same few foods over and over is that you run the risk of not getting maximum beneficial nutrients (micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and macros like healthy fats, fiber, and a varied amino profile from protein sources), and you run the risk of developing a food allergy, which can cause problems like inflammation and poor digestion.


so thats sound like some sort of stall, when you cant get all the nutrients if you overeat yourself with chicken, but i didnt know you could get an allergie or so. intresting