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Stalling on 5/3/1?

Hi, new guy here. been on 5/3/1 for 4 months.
Got a question about stalling, i couldn’t seem to find an answer in the book.
Last week, i dead-lifted 315 for 4 reps. This week, i couldn’t pull 290 off the ground. It felt glued to the floor. Aside from being VERY pissed, i was also confused…
Should i decrease my TM like i would for stalling? OR give myself next week to try to redeem myself?


It sounds like you are using too high of a TM and/or needed to reset/deload.

TM at 85%?
How’s your eating/sleeping/recovery?
You said 4 months. Is that continuous with no deloading? So like 5 cycles?
What template are you following?

Yeah i havn’t been eating much for the last couple days, that could have something to do with it to!
Sorry what i meant was im on my 4th cycle now. I did the 3 month BBB challenge whcih means i delaod every 4th week, but i skipped the deload on the 1st and 2nd cycles, and just did it and the end of the 3rd cycle.
I was more just wondering to account my performace as an “bad” day, or actually reset, but i think ill just reset.

+1 for Tepford, however, Jim always says principles.
So, start low (in your case reset), then either do 4th week deload or 7th week deload, and just keep on keeping on from there. You will see results over tiiiiimmmmmeeeee.
Also, and I think I can speak for many, there are good days, bad days and average days. Most training days are average. Every once in a while you hit one out of the park, and every once in a while you really stink one up. That’s just part of the drill. Just keep on going. The next workout will likely be much better.

You gotta keep in mind; Jim knew what he was doing when he built that challenge. The deloads were scheduled WHEN they were scheduled for a reason.

It sounds like you’ve run your body pretty far into the ground. Were I in your situation, I’d use a lighter training max and follow the programs as written for a while.

Your not doing the program. Drop your tm as others have said and do one of jims templates as written. Eat and sleep enough to support your training.

OK thanks for your responses guys… Ill reset my TM and go from there.