Ok so it seems that my leaning down process has stalled I will run down my diet and workout routine any advice would be appreciated. My take is that i am not getting enough calories what do you guys think? Here it is:

AM Workout 6:30am

Meal 1 Whey Protein 45 g protein
1.5 cup green beans
1 small handful mixed nuts w/o peanuts (should i cut this one out for fat loss?)
5 grams BCAA

Meal 2 5oz Lean Pork Chop BBQ’d
1.5 cup green beans (have to eat at work so veggies are same)
1 tsp fish oil

Meal 3 6oz chicken breast or 8oz sirloin steak
1.5 cup green beans
1 small handful mixed nuts w/o peanuts
5 grams BCAA

Meal 4 Protein Shake
1 cup beans
1 tsp fish oil

Meal 5 6oz chicken breast
8 pieces cut cucumber/carrots
1 tsp fish oil

I also drink 4L per day of water.

I am not sure where else to get my fats from.

Workout Routine

Mon, Wed, Fri 45 min heavy resistance training w/ 5-15 min sprint training
Tues, Thurs, Sat- medium intesity cardio for 45 min. (jogging)
Sun- Light intensity work.

What should i change? i made great gains when i was 21%BF (although i did have a 1:1 ratio) now i am 15% and it is that much harder to lose fat. Also i am on T-Nation’s “Get Strong and Ripped Program” I think my meals are all messed up! I need serious help. I only cheat probably once per week too it should be noted. Thanks for the help guys, i am starting to get bummed with the stall.

Even though I have absolutely no clue how to lose fat, all I know is that light intensity is an oxymoron. Either do the work or don’t. I would think you should have a rest day, since I’m hoping you are squatting, and thus I’m hoping you are too sore to do cardio after staying on this workout more than a week.

Dead treadmill sprints for 30 seconds
with 30 seconds break (with 5 seconds less rest each set) for 5 sets is enough to at least have you dry-heaving outside the gym. Sled-pulling with decreased rest times after each pull, and increased weight is what does it best for me.

These are a variation on the Tabata Method that is basically the Program from Hell for Fat Loss, but it works, if you havent’ given it a go yet.
-Good Luck.