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Stalled Progress


Just putting it out there, does anyone every get that kinda ticked off feeling when you realize how long and slow the process is to getting to where you want to be with your physique?


Just enjoy the journey bro




I'm never ticked off about it. I like working hard and seeing myself slowly reach a goal. Besides, even when you reach the point where you have your dream body, you'll still crave more. You'll always want to be bigger, or more defined no matter how you look.


There sure are a considerable number of people who begin exercising as soon the temperature gets to where they imagine how they will be judged in their shorts and swimsuits.

I feel sorry for them.

They are the target of every Chuck Norris total gym, TV all in one gym scam commercials. They see body composition only in terms of working out several weeks or a couple of months before that vacation at the lake or the beach. Their idea of cardio is two laps around Wal-Mart's outter isle.

They circle their gym parking lot several times for a parking spot near the front so they can go in and start on their treadmill workout.

As the lucky ones we have adopted the idea that being fit is a lifestyle measured in years and decades. It is it's own reward.

Smile and let those around you know you are stronger than you were yesterday. Now back to my "All in One Gym Station" rack workout.



No because they end result is inevitable. If you put the time and work in you'll get there. You have to be honest with yourself and your training. Like Paul Carter said, " I would still lift even if I was the last man on earth". If that's not how you feel then find something that makes you feel that way whether it be cycling, swimming, ironmans, cross fit, etc.