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Stalled Out Stronglifts


I started doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program in the first week of November 2011 and made rapid progress with squats. I started with 135x5 and worked up to 265x5 (can only do 2-3 sets of that max though, very rough) and a 315 1 rep max. My bench and overhead press increased at most 20-25 lbs. I don't really feel like I've made significant upper body strength gains doing the program.

My bench stalled out at 245x5 a couple weeks ago and has been hovering in between 235-245x5 since that time. Overhead press has been stuck at 125x5.

That didn't really bother me because I was making good gains with squats, but this week I feel like I've regressed on those.

Right now I'm at 290 BP, 315 squat, and 315x5 deadlift. I want to reach 350/450/500 as quickly as possible.

Any advice?



if 5x5 isnt working try something else...5/3/1 maybe or learn to use the p-chart.


Well, I'm considering to the Madcow program now. I like 5x5, I just want to be making some progress and I think I'm past serious noob gains.


Go with the Linear progression of the Madcow 5x5 as you stated. It seems like the natural progression to go from the stronglifts to the Starr intermediate 5x5 (or madcow) then to the Pendlay advanced periodization. Im running Madcow 5x5 right now (with a bunch of tweaks) however the main lifts remain the same and have progressed nicely. I will continue to use it as a base program until I stall.