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Stalled at 180lbs. Need Help


Hey I'm 6ft / 6ft 1. I weight 179lbs morning weight. I have been training seriously and consistently since January, 2010.

My lifts are (1rm) :
Deadlifts - 315lbs
Bench - 185lbs
Squat - 210lbs

I have been bulking up, and apparently when i went to a fitness club and got my BF tested, it was at 16%. I believe i am around there too, so it seems accurate.

Anyways, my diet is:

1 scoop protein(in water) w/ 5g creatine

30minutes later:
4-5 eggs whole
4-5 breads whole
500mL water

2-3hours later:
1-2 cups blueberries (atleast, may be more)
1-2 cups strawberries
Steak Chili bowl

2-3hours later:
Pork stirfry

2-3hours later:
Veggies (broccoli, or mixed veggies)
1 Cup straight black coffee

  • Gym Time -

Meal right after:
1-2cups liquid eggwhites
1-2cups mixed nuts
1.5cups water
1 scoop protein
1 cup mixed frozen berries
1 cup mixed veggies (or broccoli)

  • BED TIME -

Thats how my meals are. I need more veggies unfortunately in my diet. I think it is pretty good. I eat very clean. I drink only water, no juices, no milk, no coke or any of that shit. I have atleast 3L of water daily.

I have been stalled around 179-180lbs for a while. I used to be 174-175 morning weight, but i did gain. From what i have asked people at the gym who have been bodybuilding, is that my fat to muscle ratio might just be slowly evening itself out. Not sure how true that is, but i am leaner compared to in February of this year without any cutting.

Even though im not gaining weight i have been increasing my strength, and my lifts are all going up.

What can i do to gain more weight? Eat more? Any suggestions on some foods that are calorie dense that i can eat? (i am restricted to eating a lot of things though)


You answered your own question. Eat more!


The guys at the gym are probably right. You sound too focused on gaining weight. If you're getting stronger and for more reps, the weight will come.

It is when your lifts start stalling that you should look into changing something.


If you're training hard enough, with balls out intensity...then you should feel starving every 2.5 hours (atleast on training days). Why are you hating on milk? Are you lactose intolerant? No greek yogurt or cottage cheese then? Plain Chobani in your smoothy would be better than water? How about peanut butter? Where are your healthy fats? Do you eat fish? Fish oil? Try frying up some ground beef with some seasoning.

I take it you workout at night? I always did better when I could get atleast two good post workout meals in before bed. I now workout in the afternoon and I seem to be hungry all day/night. Plus my body comp has improve as well since I switched from night workouts to days. As far as weight gain goes, it always seems to happen in spurts for me. I only weigh myself no more than once a month. Just eat more food and kick ass in the gym, the weight will come.

BTW OP..What is your goal weight?


Hey Ectomorphosis,

Ever since March when one of the guys in my gym who trains for strength/bodybuilding took me under his wing, i have learned how to train to balls out intensity. However, i don't feel starved.

I am slightly lactose intolerant, plus i get acne from milk. I try and limit all my sugar intake to only natural things like strawberries/blueberries (lowest fruit with sugar). I can drink milk but it gives me acne, so i dont and it does make my stomach upset sometimes.

I do eat cottage cheese in my smoothie after workout. No peanut butter, too sweet. I eat fish, fish oils i am planning on buying to put into my smoothie and protein shakes as well.

I eat a bunch of different things, so what i posted is just a sample. Like today i had a salmon pasta thats loaded with protein. I also had mongolian chicken, and chicken + brown rice (indian version).

Usually i will try to be in the gym latest by 7p.m. I work around 4-5 each day depending. I tend to have a lot more energy and strength later in the evening anyways.

One thing with eating more food. How much is took much? The guy that trains me tells me to eat enough, not that i stuff myself sick, and not that i am constantly shitting after meals. I find if i eat more then what im at, then i will end up feeling sick, or shitting a lot. (already been through that).

My goal weight like in terms of lifting in general, is 200lbs at 10% bf.

I'd like to be 200lbs by next year (with more fat obvi), but then to cut down to around 12% and maintain a lean body and eat above maintenance calories to gain lean muscle.


If you aren't gaining weight, eat more.

If you are gaining weight, but most of it is fat instead of muscle, change your macros or find a new program (or you aren't lifting hard enough).


what are your macros? total cals per day?


Eat more. I remember having to eat over 5000 calories a day when I first stalled at around 194 lbs.


What does your training look like and what is your overall goal? Bodybuilding? General health? Look good nekkid? If you weight has simply stalled then simply eat more. Either add a meal in or eat more at each meal


It's not your training because since your a beginner mostly anything will work for you. Definatly eat more. But be happy of your lift and strength is going up. the weight gain will eventually come. Just remember to eat your ass off. Every beginner looks past food and questions supplementation and training first when the reason really is that they're just not eating enough.


i used to be lactose-intolerant as a kid but i just loved milk/dairy so much that i ate/drank it anyway so i eventually just grew a tolerance for it. dairy is so important, so many people i see are cutting dairy out and idk why. IMO it's one of the easiest ways to get calories because its fat and protein content.