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Staley's periodization plan

I just started doing Staley’s Periodization that Works routine. I liked it except that I have problems with the high speed balistic bench days. Currently just using the 33% doesn’t seem to have much effect despite the fact that I accelerate the weight as fast as I can. Has anyone else tried this program? If so do you think it is okay to increase the loads to 50% of my max rather than just 33%?

You’re not supposed to get sore after a ballistic workout. It’s all about bar speed, ala Westside.

No! Do it as is, leave your ego at the door. It’s about speed, not weight.

Speed is king. Slow sucks ass. Check your ego at the door. Dave Tate bench presses 600 lbs and sometimes he only uses 185 plus minibands for speed benches. why should you need more?