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Staley's New Fat-loss EDT Article

Just saw the new article and I have one question: WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS ARTICLE A WEEK AGO???
I just finished the first week of the fat-loss EDT program that was posted in the Myodynamics newsletter…just a preliminary glance shows that the one written for T-Mag kicks the shit out of the other one…no emphasis on what I call “foo-foo” exercises. This should be a great one…I’ve done CPT before and did well with that. Can’t wait to give this one a shot next week.

I don’t understand part of the article that pertains to the Core exercise. Is there a PR Zone after the warm up(with the core) that is before the Circuit? Any help would be appreciated.

Ditto. Program looks very solid.

Yeah, Monty, when I finished reading the article I thought “Damn”! The information contained therein hits much closer to home than what I read in the Myodynamics newletter. I’m going to go ahead and implement the Staley-ized strategies come Monday, since I’ve been on the program Cosgrove outlined for only a week now. Good luck!

I don’t know how you feel about the Cosgrove version Chris, but overall I was very disappointed with it. It doesn’t have good balance IMHO…way too many pressing movements and it neglects a few muscle groups unlike Staley’s true version. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am starting to miss Meltdown. As much as I dreaded the workouts, I always felt a sense of accomplishment after completing them. The core portion looks like it could be brutal…10+ sets of singles within 15 min at 90 percent…that’s moving! I’m definitely switching as well come Monday!
BTW, what are you using for your core exercises? Are you making any other changes?