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Staley's New EDT Book

I think its called massive arms or something, but its supposed to be a pretty comprehensive EDT book. Did anyone get this? Is it worth the price, and does it contain much beyond the EDT principles in articles published here? Thanks for the feedback…

YES, buy the book… i haven’t bought it yet myself, but i want it. i’ve used the EDT arm workout the past 2 weeks and gained over a 1/2" on my arms (with MAG-10)…even if it’s $50, it’d be worth it. Any EDT book that Stanley writes is, and will be well worth the money, and i don’t paticularly care for training books.

Thanks Podge- I know the EDT principles are successful, I’ve made some good gains with them myself, but I guess my point is, since we’ve made good gains on the EDT info we’ve gleaned from T-Mag, is there anything NEW in the book worth forking over my 40 bucks for, or is it just a rehash? I’m more than willing to compensate Dr. Staley for his knowledge, I just want to make sure I’m not paying for stuff I’ve already been told for free, ya know? Does anyone actually have the book that can provide some feedback? Thanks

the book goes more indepth than what t-mag has. it sounds like you got the basic principles, but there’s nothing wrong with more knowledge on the subject of EDT. you may be able to incorporate those EDT principles with other bodyparts.