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Staley's Muscle Logic?

i recently read a bit about EDT on here at T-Nation and thought i'd pick up Charles Staley's book Muscle Logic for more info and to start off doing EDT. It has a lot of really good info, but i cant make a lick of sense of the workout routines.

i wanted to start off with the 90 min a week routines, but they dont seem to really make sense in their order when i’m trying to put them down in a monday, wed, fri schedule.
there are 6 programs, each with 2 sessions consisting of two 15 minute pr zones. how do i split this up into a mon wed fri routine?

The book will help you with that. I’d say if you don’t understand that portion then you certainly need the book. EDT is awesome. If you re read those articles you should be able to figure out how the PR zones go into a three day a week training program.