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Staley's EDT for Arms


i am going to start Charles Staley's EDT program for arms to last for 4 weeks. i was looking for ideas and suggestions as to what to do for the rest of my body while specializing on arms during these 4 weeks? i am doing the arms lift 2 days a week with 2-3 days off between the arm days.

i was thinking along the lines of mon arms. tues legs wed off thurs chest back shoulders and friday arms again. don't really know how many and how much of what kind of lifts would be over doing it, as most people in the know say to drastically reduce the rest of the workout when specializing on one aspect. any ideas, suggestions etc is appreciaited. thanks


Charles has a great book out called Muscle Logic. It available in paperback and it is for EDT for your entire body. It has three (3) levels of workouts (enough to keep you busy for about 6 months) and pictures explaining everything. You might want to check that out. He also has a DVD available at www.edtsecrets.com. Also, as always check out the search engine for EDT and of course Charles Staley.




2 fullbody days and one day for arms or an upper/lower split and one day for arms.

Curiously, how much are you benching and shoulder pressing, rowing and chinning and at what weight?