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Staleys Book

Hey T-folk, I’m looking for some good information on integrating strength training with martial arts. Has anyone read Charles Staley’s book on this topic? Any feedback? Does it have any sample programs/periodization schemes? Incidentally, I started experimenting with the Matt Furey neck bridges that Nate Dogg and others have been talking about. I can’t believe how much more flexible my back and neck have become in just a few weeks! Started working on the handstand pushups, too!

I’ll be reviewing his book for an upcoming “Stuff We Like” column. Looks good so far. Lots of info, and not just for martial artists. Also, watch for an upcoming interview at T-mag with Pavel Tsatsouline, the Russian trainer. Good info there for martial artists.

It’s a great book for martial artist and strength trainers alike. It teaches you valuable concepts and principles to help you design a workout for your own individual needs. It has several not-so-common exercises pictured that are very beneficial. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in martial arts or fitness in general.

I second the opinion. It’s a good book and has useful information that anyone who strength trains will find valuable. And he dispells the myths associated with holding weights in your hands to make your punches stronger. A stronger punch comes from bench pressing. You’ll learn other good stuff on nutrition, recovery and periodization as well.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone…let me know if I can answer any other questions about the book…

Great book. Highly recommended.