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So let's chat about training eh? What's on your mind?


Boy it sure is lonely all my myself over here...

Hmmm, oh well...anyone gonna come see my talk at the S.W.I.S. Conference in Toronto? (Nov 5th)


Charles, any thoughts on how to apply some of the high frequency concepts CW has been writting about to EDT? For instance, If I wanted to use the EDT methodology for bicep specilization, and did something like this

Day 1 AM EDT 5min @ 85 %, bicep curl
Day 1 PM EDT 5 min @ 70%, hammer db curl
Day 2 AM EDT 5 min @ 65%, prchr db curl
Day 2 PM EDT 5 min @ 45%, cable curl

what would you say is the minimum time necessary to induce training response and the maximum time per an EDT Session with using high frequency methods that you would want to use?


Charles, I'm a long (like since 2001-ish) fan of this site, but I've never actually posted. I prefer to read, and experiment (in the gym), and try not to get too caught up in 'advanced theoretical discussions' :wink:

Anyways, I'm attending SWISS this year (was going to a few years ago, but it was cancelled). Looking forward to it, and to seeing you, so can you tell us what you're planning?? (Since it seems you're hinting you want to talk about it :slight_smile:



I'd maybe suggest using Waterbury Method for primary exercises and EDT for secondary exercises...


You bet. I'll de discussing the application of effective progression schemes in progressive resistance training. The subject is rarely talked about, rarely studied, and grossly misunderstood. make sure you introduce yourself to me when you're there!


I was just thinking about how effective it would be to use some of your 15min EDT sessions in place of the Dynamic Effort days when using a Westside template for maximal strength.

I know your EDT is addaptive to many other 'routines'; do you think this could actually enhance the effects of Westside?

Maybe even enough to change Dave Tate's philosophies on DE days?

The only possible downside I can think of might be too much volume and not giving the CNS enough rest after doing ME days.

Great DVD by the way!

I was one of the winners of the product giveaways, and I want to watch it one more time before posting my review (this time with notes).


Hmmm... SWIS and your Bootcamp? That's a whole lot of Staley!

I can be your inuit guide in Canada, if you are able to guide me through the vast deserts of AZ. Deal?


That'd be cool. I think I'm bringing my daughter Ashleigh, and if I do, shopping will have to be involved on some level. But I'm sure we can work sonething out!


I've been FOREVER saying that EDT would be a better way to manage the acessory exercises on the WSB system!


Hey Coach,

I posted a question in the prime time forum for the 22nd. Forgive the mistake, I just came down from area 51 myself, I thought it was still 1987 too.

Can you take a look for me?



Charles...are you around tonight, Wednesday?

I'm trying to get some of my football players to try EDT in the first part of the off season (I would like them to lift AND wrestle...but you get what you get). I will pick your brain in Tempe...


Sounds great, are we talking long-term progression ie years? That's something I've been thinking about lately, T-Nation has tons of great programs, but effectively stringing them together is something that is only vaguely talked about. Most 'case studies' also seem to asses 6 weeks etc of progress (in beginners of course), where you can just slap on weight easily. Common themes lately are conjugated periodization et al, and I've been experimenting with great results, but just how much can you 'mix and match' these, and how do you go back and forth emphasizing one vs another while maintaining it all.

I crammed a lot of thoughts into that para, not sure if it makes complete sense...anyways, definitely pumped to attend and don't worry I'll be sure and say hi...

ps. You mentionned 'shopping' in your other post to Dave Barr...my gf is coming too so can we please not use that "word" at the conference :wink:


Hey Charles

I have concocted my own brand of EDT that applies to the way I train for muscle. I do 5x/week full body with 3 base compound exercises - push, pull and legs + a tad of accessory work.

The main fatigue management principle I use is: "stop one 5-2rep set short of failure". It is absolutely necessary. Also the PR zones are reduced to 10min per function(pull, push, legs, isolation supersets).

Progressions are configured this way - I work with the same weight on mon/thu and another weight tue/fri so those progressions I can monitor twice a week. Wednesdays are not repeated so I strive to increase from week to week.

Every fifth week I take my volume and cut it in half, performing straight sets to reach that "1/2volume" - it's a rest week. Then I start again.

Just wanted you to know that EDT is mutating and adapting as it spreads throughout the land. :slightly_smiling:


Charles, Im registered and payed for...I'll see you at the symposium. I will approach you for a handshake if you have time for fans.


I live in sw louisiana and as a result of hurrican rita my gym is out of service for at least another 2 wks, i was wondering what ur thoughts are on edt bodywt exercises for my training until my gyms back up