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Staley's 21-Day Itch Program

If any of you guys missed this when it came out recently you might want to dig it up and give it a look. I am only a week into the program but really like it. Yesterday I was doing sandbag throws for height (with catches) (25 lbs.) and truck pushes. Fun stuff! Thanx for putting this one up Chuck, I think you cured my motivation\boredom problems for some time to come.

I was going to use this program but decided to go with WS4SB 2. It was the better choice for me, and I’m loving it. And it also includes a day for strongman lifts (which I wanted to be sure to include in my training). I’ll be out in the hot sun soon with med ball tosses, sandbag lift and carries, sled drags and more!

But yes, Charles Staley’s program looks great!