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Staley / Waterbury Call

Over here at Staley Training Systems we do our usual guest call Wednesday and next week 5-23-07 we have Charles interviewing Chad Waterbury who will talk about his new book “Muscle Revolution” and more.

These calls, which are 1 hour long take place from 3:00-4:00 PST and I am going to giveaway 5 call passes randomly to anyone here that is interested in taking part on the call.

Please post here if interested and I will pick Wednesday morning (the 23rd) and pm you by noon the number to call and code.

Yes, you have to pay whatever your normal long distance charges are for the call but these calls to most are priceless. -Jules

i would love to get in on this since a lot of my training principles come from reading the work of these two men. Hopefully i might be able to get a few questions in for both at the end, i had tried during the end of the Zane call but i was somehow muted the entire time.

Thanks for the opportunity, this will be a great interview im sure.


Count me in.

Thanks for the shot at it, Jules.

would be awesome. Count me in the for raffle :-p.

pick me, pick me!!!

Man I just got Muslce Revolution and I’m using it as a guide for my next bodybuilding comp. The book is awesome. Chad does a great job explaining a wealth of information on everything you need to know about lifting. I would love to talk to him if I could.

please post on this thread, do not email me or pm me. thanks-Jules

Enjoyed the V-Diet one; I’d love to get in on this one too if possible…

a couple of more days left to get in on this call…