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Staley Summer Tour

Tour Dates include:

*May28-Nashville Il. Please contact Coach Eric Stigman of Winning Edge at 618-327-8421 for ticket information

*May30-Carol Stream Il. Please contact Dr. Pasqual Calcagno of Olympic Chiropractic at 630-542-1099 for ticket information

*May31-Morton Il. Please contact Village Courts Athletic Club at 309-263-0222 for ticket information. This event is hosted by Coach Steve Gould

*June 1st-Ellisville Mo. Please contact Fitzmaurice Performance at 636-391-6565 for ticket information. This event is hosted by brothers Shawn and Brian Fitzmaurice

*July 19-Rutland Vt. Please contact Coach Chip Forte at 802-236-5860 for ticket information

Look for us to be traveling cross country RV style and if you see us out on the highways honk and say hi - otherwise you can read along to all of the antics along the way… Stay tuned for more info-Jules"

What exactly will be going on during this summer tour?

There are actually also 2 other dates we’ve added to the tour.

May 25 - Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX. Please contact Laura Wells or James Benson of Energy Fitness at 817-348-9988 for ticket information

May 26- Topeka, KS. Please contact Brandon Decker of Pinnacle GYM at 785-215-8380 for ticket information

and look for more as the days go on.

The gest of the tour is that Charles is loading up members of TEAM Staley including himself, one of our coaches from Northern Ireland (Jeff McNeill), myself and possibly others along the way. We are headed across the Midwest in a HUGE spectacle of an RV. We will be coming loaded with knowledge, state of the art equipment, goodies from ourselves and corporate sponsorship, and a dose of humor to go with the information. You have to keep it fun as well as insanely informative!!

Each stop will be a bit different, but they all fit under the same context of informing the WORLD why “Your Workout SUCKS!” Each stop will have an element of presentation as well as a hand on application and Q & A sessions. In these combined session we will not only inform you why “Your Workout SUCKS!” but how to successfully desuckify your and or your clients workouts in a timely and effective manner that will produce results.

Jules will also be popping in here and blogging the experience along the way. I hear tell she has some off the wall driving and navigation to ODD quirky places along the way which should keep me busy behind the wheel.

Try and pop in on a stop, and if nothing else honk and say high at the Big RV plastered with “YOUR WORKOUT SUCKS!” Wave at the Glassy eyed guys riding Pilot and Co-Pilot on a good dose of Spike, little rest and ton of enthusiasm. :slight_smile: