Staley: Southern Cal Style '06

Once more- if we came to Southern Cal for a day , say January or Febuary how many from here would be interested?-Jules


I’d definitely be interested. I’m in the Los Angeles area. Where in SoCal would you be coming in to?

Please let me know, if you do I will go.

I’m interested, but being a poor college student means I probably won’t be able to attend. Hopefully I can afford a Staley seminar one day.

What would KICK ASS would be a seminar with Charles Staley, Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Mahler!!

I think Alwyn and Mike are both in Southern California - if you could get them as guest speakers I think this could be HUGE !!!

You know I’d be there!

ummm, lessee here … ok, i’ll bite … FO SHO!


Just to let you know, Steve Cotter of Full Kontact Kettlebells is on board to do a dynamic presentation if there is enough interest in an L.A. seminar.

Please respond to this thread if you want an awesome SoCal seminar!

In a heartbeat.

I’m in, and i could probably talk maybe 2 or 3 other trainers in my area into it.



There’s got to be more interest than this for the West Coast T Fest!!

Sign me up!

Id love to as well

Staley, Mahler, Cosgrove and Steve Cotter would kick so much ass.

I’ll make the trip out there. Sunny southern california? A kick ass seminar?


I’d definately be interested.