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Staley/Serrano Seminar in NYC

Just an update on the seminar guys & gals.

It’s looking like Serrano and I will do split sessions. In other words, we’ll both eacth 1/2 day on both days. Just FYI, hope to see some of you there. PS: Will also most likely make myself available for consultations on Monday. Send me a note if you’re interested. staley@myodynamics.com

I’ll be there with Black on. (T-mag shirts are a must for this one). Cna you tell us the main difference between Saturday’s and Sunday’s seminar? Thanks

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Yo, John you decide what day yet? Bronx Bomber, you coming? Anyone else. C’mon, we need some represenT-ation.

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Hey, can you give me more info on the seminar? I live right by the GWB in New Jersey. I would love to go. Thanks!

I think I may go to Sunday’s seminar. From the description, it seems more directly “training oriented”. What do you guys think? Lata.

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MB Eric-I just checked the seminar schedule and I’d rather go Sunday as well. So, barring any unforseen events (dropping a bar on my neck while benching, for instance) I’ll be there too.