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Staley Seminar: San Fran. and Vancouver

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Do you have an idea of what would be covered if these camps take place? I know the one in October was right up my alley but I couldn’t make it. I will be in San Francisco around the time you are planning this for. I am interested but I need more information before I can make a decision.


I can’t get into Canada (leftover from ancient history) so I’ll try and make the Frisco one. Always looking for a good reason to hit the city anyway.

Holy cow!?
Just found this!?
Count me in for Vancouver :slight_smile:
Will Rebecca be there?!
I have crush on her :wink:
Nothing to worry about Charles you can ask her about it!

Actually, we would love to do one in Canada -the guy that was going to do it is too tied up to get one together currently. If any of you out there in Canada have the means and the space PM me your phone number so I can call you up and tell you how to put one on. -Julianne

I hvae tried to contact Mr Staley’s company by phone but all the listed phone #'s have been disconnected. Anyone know whats up?

Ted, CR and/or JohnK…Julianne just called me to see if i can get something together… you guys want to brainstorm this thing? I’m also training out of Executive right now, and bodyco… I’m sure we could get something together collectively

Trollund, our numbers are down for a day as we have new service rolling our lines over-believe me we are still here at the same number, but you have to dial me direct today 1-480-813-6205- the 800should be back up in a few hours. Same bat time, same bat channel-Julianne

ok- just been told by the powers that be that the 800 is back up again. If you need to call me it is 800-519-2492-Julianne