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Staley Seminar -Fla. June 06


Just curious if we came down there how many from here would be interested?-jules


Sandy Joyce would be interested!
This past Staley seminar turned me into a seminar freak! I'm already excited for the next one.
Thanks Jules!


Please keep me posted. I'm in Fort Myers...I'd like to know more about the Seminar!


I went to the last one and can guarantee a GREAT TIME that you will remember forever.
I know I will be there and encourage everyone else to go.


Of course I would. Less travel time and in my back yard. :slight_smile:

And that means everyone will need to be in beach condition for the hot, humid Florida summer.

Sandy, be ready to show off that hot bod in your bikini/thong. :wink:


Where abouts in Florida? I am in Orlando.... although there is nothing better than a weekend trip to anywhere for a good seminar....



Very interested.

Where at in Florida?


That'd make it more worthwhile for me


no doubt about it, but depends when. Sometime mid-march or april would be perfect


I run a country club fitness center in Bonita Springs (between Naples and Ft. Myers). Count me in.



Kids are on school break...need a vacation. This works.

Florida has sun, sea, sand, Disney and lots of ways to spend money on kids. This works too.

Need a hotel with great workout facilities and a Spa to keep the wife (and me) happy. Ditto.

Any discounts for early registration? :slight_smile:



Heck yes, I'd be interested.


Sure I am interest. Where are you considering and the dreaded question, how much?
I may be working in baseball or football again then, but if I'm still here I will go.


As long as we're not broke from the honeymoon, I'd love to be there. And BONUS, if we get to see Sandy in a bikini :slightly_smiling:


better believe i will be there just tell us a few monthes ahead of time how much i need to save up for this and i will probably bring a few others i work with that i know would love to come.


After reading the write up from the last seminar I would be hard pressed to miss it.


OHH YEAH!!!!!!! Me and WguitarG will come :slight_smile:



Any idea on the lineup? Who will be there? Cost, etc?


I Know, that you know, that I know I'll be there. LOL

I'm seminar crazy they are just a GREAT time. Both for the info. and the tinmes prior to and after.


I might be interested... Let us know where/how much.