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Staley Saturday Mayhem

ok, so Charles my boss has me in here tomorrow on Saturday,no less to be here for the FED EX GUY. He wants me to believe it is for some scientific research he is waiting on. Truth- I think its those Mary Kay moisturizers and THE BeDazzler that he ordered from some infomercial the other night.

Anyway, he has me on the clock from 10:00 to 4:00 PST. he says while I am waiting I should go ahead and clean the gutters. He said to make productivity productive. That’s Charlesspeak for suck it up and quit feeling like the lone ranger. Something like that.

Yeah- I’ll clean his gutters.

You know those BOOTCAMP DVDS that we have that are $329.? The ones from the last Training Summit?
If you call me here tomorrow I will get them to you for 50% off. I will throw in some other free stuff. I will do some other deals also if you wanted a product and did not think it was in your budget.
You have to call me to get in on them though at 800-519-2492

Besides, we are getting so geared up for the BIG SUMMIT here this OCT 14 &15 that I need to make room anyway for all of the swag that is starting to come through my office doors.

Here is what that DVD is all about in case you missed out:


Anyway, call me - run up Charles’s bill-Jules

Any way you could expand upon where exactly “here” is for those of us who don’t exactly know you or Chrales?

MY bad- I thought everyone knew us over here(lol)
Anyway, we are here,outside of Phoenix AZ-J

Too hot to be working out side

Yes, it is already like 105 today. It’s ok, I am all Tom Sawyer like and have some kid out there doing the gutters for me… Anyway, I am here and let the games begin-Jules