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Staley Ready To Go For Thursday


So what kinda cool discussions can we cook up tonight folks?


Do you know how to raise $20,000 by June 30 to keep a nonprofit organization open?

By the way, I spoke with Julianne today. Thank you!


Hmmm, you have a week I guess huh? Best bet would be to get a loan honestly, but that's just a guess. Otherwise, the internew is the only medium fast enough to generate that kind of cash. Read Robert Allen's stuff regarding this



  1. I know all three are good (powerlifting, olifting, strongman) for basketball and martial artists, but if you could only do one, which would give you more bang for your buck: powerlifting or olympic lifts and their hybrids (power clean, power snatch) or strongman stuff?

  2. How's the motorcycle stuff going?

  3. How much of an individual's athleticism is natural God given talent and how much of it is something that you can increase w/various motor skill drills/agility drills, etc?

  4. Are most T-Mag readers too anal or are details good for training? Is big picture focus better?



I was wondering if advanced trainees (<10 years training) can extend their workouts to about 1 hour of heavy lifting, from the often prescribed 45 mins max?

Or will their hormone levels rise/fall (ie. cortisol/Testosterone, respectively) at the end of the workout, as they would for beginners?



Hi there Charles thanks for taking our questions tonight. First I want to tell you that I have really enjoyed the principles behind your EDT training and I have used them with great success over the last two months. It truly is a great form of training and I humble myself before you.

I however do have two questions tonight not related to EDT. I am trying to build a three days a week total body program that incorportates both power and strength training however I am having trouble setting up the proper balace. This is my best attempt so far
Day1 Day 5
Hip Dominant P Quad Dominant S
Horizontal Pull S Vertical Pull S
Horizontal Push S Vertical Push P

Day 5 would be a repeat of day 1 just I would do one of the Horizontal as my power exercise. I would then add in some accesory work at the end maybe 2 exercises from this group (posterior chain, abs, external rotators) My goal is to try and create more functional muscle while maintaining an appropiate amount of balance and some injury prevention. My powers exercises are 8 sets of 3 16rm while strength is 3 sets of 3 5rm

I know that was rather long winded but one last question would be is there a set amount of volume (rep/set) that is apprioate for a given muslce action(such as horizontal pull). Are there different levels of volume that a muscle needs to exposed to in order to cause certain adaptations(strenth, hypertrophy) or to prevent overtraining while either in a gaining state, mainteance state, or cutting state


Most are FAR too anal (me included!)


I'm not horribly concerned about hormone levels. I'm currently doing 3 resistance training sessions per week, and they usually last about 2 hours.

Maybe the hormonal outcome suffers a bit from long workouts like this, but if so, it's offset by the positive benefits


Any worldly advice for someone going back to school to get a degree in exercise physiology?



I believe I heard you mention the following. (If not, it sounds like something you would say.)

"blah blah blah ... Why not do sets of 10 with olympic lifts, power cleans, etc? ... then more blah blah blah"

Have you toyed around with that? I am currently doing something similar:

pairing power-cleans with push presses
5 sets of 11 each
resting 2 minutes after each set
= 25 minutes of PURE fun

unbelievable forearm pump (that's the goal, right?). added bonus: free collar bone scabs.

so have you done it, or NOT?



This will be an oblique answer but bear with me:

I'd create two workouts, which are essentially 2 variants of the same thing. The workouts look like this:

Power Clean or Power Snatch
Pull-Ups or Chinup
Bench press Or Military Press
Deadlift or Squat

The use the same loading parameters and the same weight...for a while.

In other words, develop a base, a basis of comparision. If you choose 10x3 with 185 on cleans, do that maybe 4-6 times, until you KNOW what that feels like. One day, you'll hit your fist set and think "Hmm, wow, that's a JOKE today. And that's when it's tme to add weight and/or make a change.

The point is, you need consistency. You need 3-4 "staple" lifts that you ALWAYS do. Then you need an assortment of auxilliary lifts that you'll rotate based on current weak links.

I'm sure my answer will generate more questions, so get back to me and let's bat this around...


Shop around, and consider similar degrees, such as kinesiology. Depends on your goals. If you want to make $$$, learn about business/marketing!


Yeah. I cleaned 205 for a set of 8, followed by a set of 6, then 4, last week. I like O lifts for high reps ? builds confidence and grooves efficient technique, not to mention metabolic benefits.

I want to hit 220 for 10 this year, wish me luck


Dude, you must be super smart, as you are doing something real similar to me. My emphasis is size/strength with 3 FB workouts per week. Weak spots: shoulders and pressing in general. Here's what I set up:

a1] snatch grip behind neck press
a2] chins/pullup variation
b] front squat
c] overhead squat (light, i am learning)

a1] bar bench
a2] bar row
b] deadlift
c] overhead squat (light)

a1] push press
a2] powerclean
b] box squat
c]overhead squat (light)

Saturday (optional):
anything that feels good, GPP, farmers walk, one arm DB snatch, situps, calves, arm work, just stretching, maybe sprinting, or NOTHING

i am using gasp linear periodization. volume high --> moderate and intensity moderate --> high.

that's all. just thought i'd throw that in.



Do you feel your above example would best suit an athlete trying to concentrate on power and strength. Maybe my initial want to make the sessions total body was not the most productive root


I'd go so simple it's surprise you

Just snatch, clean, press, pull, squat, that's it. Pick 3-4 core exercises and get freaky strong on them, that's the essence of what I'm saying


Hey BFG, welcome to the coaching group by the way! Look forward to meeting you in October


Another question would be how might i use edt principles or other forms of density training using power and strength as my training qualities in order to increase my work capacity and lose some fat.

Also how do you feel about using certain diets for certain training cycles. Migth i low carb during strength and power cycles since the volume should be somewhat low while intensity high.

Also again what about any possible volume totals for a given week that would be appriopate for certain strength quanities. As example how about 100 reps a week for hypertrophy per muscle plane (vertical pull) or 15 sets for vertical pull during the week for strength


Likewise, but the pleasure will be ALL mine!


I can't really give you volume recommendations. here in AZ, a client's performance dictates volume. In other words, if performance is high, we'll allow more volume, etc. It's a very dynamic and flexible concept for me..