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Staley -- Q2

Is anyone participating in this program? If so, what are your thoughts on the benefits based on the cost? Thanks.

Hey there Mavrick, just wanted to throw an answer to your question about cost v. benefits. As one of Charles’ athletes who has been working with him for the past two years(and someone who MOVED TO VEGAS to train with him!!) I can tell you that the information Charles is giving in his coaching seminars is worth a thousand times what he is charging. I don’t know what he charges for an hourly consult now(probably @ $200/hour or so) but for the $97 bucks you get a program (specific to your training goals not some prefab piece of you know what) as well as the weekly teleconferences. He even invites you onto other conference calls that he conducts with special quests (and I know he’s got some pretty cool people lined up for future calls) Plus all the freebies like his training and nutrition software witch is around $80 bucks alone! There is also a private E-group on Yahoo! for all the people in the group to post messages re. training, cool recipes, recovery ideas, goals met and most importantly reached. All sorts of stuff.

The whole reason I moved to Vegas was to be part of all that, and to be around the other athletes he trains. So lets weigh the costs benefits of moving YOUR whole life to Las Vegas vs. a coaching group where you get all of that online and on the phone. Hmmmmm.

I’ll let you in on a little secret too…he’s not going to be letting a lot more people in at this price, that’s for sure. Think about it for a second. If you have any idea what kind of time it takes to put together a quality program you’ll know that Charles can only do that for a handful of people. And I know for a fact that he’s either going to cut the group membership to the size he can handle (and he’s about 6 members away from that number right now) Or he’s going to start charging a BOATLOAD for all of it.

Hope this helps with your decision.


PS. I don't know what kind of an athlete you are, but if Olympic athletes, Elite Powerlifters, Elite NHB fighters, and other athletes at the top of their game will pay Charles multi-thousands of dollars over the years for his expertise; what do you think you should pay?