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Let’s get it on!

Hey Coach Staley! No real questions from me except for:

Can you give me a very general run down of what’s in your new book “muscle logic” (like any programs, indepth explanation of EDT, etc.)? I need something to read. Thanks coach!


hey coach,

How familiar are you with the work of Mastropaolo and the maximum power theory? did that have anything to do with coming up with EDT?

WOO HOO! I’ve reserved my seat and flight to attend the Boot Camp on Oct. 15!!!

I’m excited! I can meet all my T-Nation mentors/idols (Chad Waterbury, Charles Staley, Lonnie Lowery, Chris Shugart, Dan John, etc.) and also a bunch of other T-Nation members (Phil, Jillybop, etc.).

I can’t wait!!!

I’m gonna have to bring a camera and an autograph book! :wink:

Man sounds like its going to be a HELL of a crowds this year.

See you there Nate.

I’m looking forward to meeting you Phill. It will be a great pleasure and a chance to talk about all the things we’ve been through.

I am thinking of coming to the boot camp as well. Does anyone know what is on the agenda?
Also does anyone know when He and Pavel are doing the Phoenix show?