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Anyone have any unique thoughts lately? Any PR's to share? Anything you'd like to discuss?


Coach Staley,

Do you have any new applications for EDT in development?

I am currently waiting for the EDT-dvd to arrive.


ps, I thought your newest article the 21-day itch was great, keep it up - suprised more people have not commented on it.


Coach Staley,

I am really looking forward to your book later this month ( I pre-ordered it from Barnes&Noble). Could you give us a brief overview of what we might expect?



Thanks for those nice words JL,

I do have an application based on auto-regulatory training that I'll be writing about, stay tuned!


Well it is based on Escalating Density Training as you might guess, and it provides a thorough overview of the EDT system plus tons of great programs. I'm really happy with how the book turned out, thanks for asking.


Hello Mr. Staley,

do you have any general weightlifting guidelines for a competitive judoka who does MA 5 times a week?

The frequency of my judo classes jumped from 3x to 5x a week and now I'm having difficulty fitting in an adequate weightlifting routine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



Hey Charles,

This question isn't related to training, but I thought I'd ask it anyway, since others might be wondering the same thing.

I'm on your mailing list, and got your recent request to donate money for the hurricane Katrina situation with the goal of generating $100,000. My main question is how long are you going to be tallying donations?

The reason I ask is that I'd like to donate, but I prefer to wait until organizations have been identified that will do the most good with my donation. (As you may recall, there were major issues with how donation money was handled post 9/11 with some of the major relief organizations.)

I realize this may seem like I'm some sort of cheapskate, but I consider it my responsibility to make sure my donation is put to the best use. I'm not into giving money just so I can pat myself on the back for being such a great person.



Hey Chris, I'll stay with the campaign for a while here, aonther week probably. You can't go wrong with orgs lik The Red Cross, Salvation Army, or Catholic Relefi Charities, if you ask me

Anyway we've raised 15k so far, so I'm way psyched


I think you REALLY need to think in terms of training economy. Ask yourself what muscle groups/movement patterns/energy pathways are most in need of strengthening/developing? There's your answer. If you were my client and paying me big bucks for big results, I'd have you on a very economical program. Probably about 45 mints, 2x/wk. Probably 2 exercises per session. Something like:

Day One:

A) Snatch
B) Squat

Day Two:

A) Clean/Push Press
B) Bench
C) Pullups

Hope that helps you...


Charles, I hope it includes some of the thrower stuff you have...it is good stuff.


Hey coach! I wish I could say it does, but for some reason Rodale didn't think the thrower's market was big enough to warrant it! Bummer...


The relief fund was definitely a good concept, CS. After getting all the free newsletters and such I actually would have felt guilty if I hadn't contributed.

I think the comments about the 21-day program have been minimal because we're all too embarassed to say anything. This is one of those programs that's so simple it makes you want to say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Speaking of which, I have one more question about it. If I take a week off after the 3 weeks are over, can I start another 3 weeks assuming I use different exercises? This seems like the type of template (notice I didn't say "program" because it's more of a guide a program set in stone) that can be repeated indefinitely.


Where do we send the money? Do we send it to Julianne? Please let me know, I have a check waiting to be sent.




I just preordered Muscle Logic as well. For all you cheap bastards like me, it's 2 bucks cheaper on Amazon than Barnes and Noble.


im training my grip now with heavy grippers and my left hand is a little weaker than my right is it ok for me to do a couple of more reps on my right hand i know that normally you catch up your weaker hand in most exercises but my support grip for deadlifts both hands are holding up so it is it ok for me to go all out on my stronger hand or should i let my weaker hand catch up which i figue would take about a month? thanks


I've been lifting for three yearsI'm 52.Just had a stint put in and my cadio doc say's not to lift just do cardio.I'm way over weight 6'5" 330 32% bf. I'm concerned that I'll lose all the muscle that I gained in the last three years.bottom line I need to lose fat.Have you ever come across this before and what would you suggest
thanks Herb