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I guess I'm felling a bit "off" tonite, so we'll chat in the Off Topic forum today.

What's on your mind?



I would really like to incorporate some Olympic lifting into my program but I am not to sure where I can add them.

I have just started Chad's TBT so Mon I'm doing 3 x 5, Wed I'm doing 3 x 8 and Fri I'm doing 2 x 15. Im choosing 4 compound exercises and 2 isolation exercises for each workout. Im using my own equipment and currently have a power rack and two olympic bars so I can only do exercises using this equipment.

Do you have any suggestions on where I can add some Olympic lifts. Could I just add another day of Olympic lifting? Maybe pick one Olympic lift for that extra day? or would it be a good idea to build a program around Olympic lifts?

Thanks in advance


Any suggestions on this setup for your 21-Day Itch program?

Day 1 (15x1):
Bench Press

Day 2 (15x1):
Power Clean & Jerk
One-arm Kbell snatches

Day 3 (6x6-8):
Barbell Rows

Day 4 (Time or distance):
Sled drags
Sandbag lift & carry


I'm not immediately familiar with the TBT program, but you can certainly insert cleans and/or snatches into the program as a core or primary lift (in place of deads for example). If you're a beginner though, I'd keep the reps per set to 6 or less. Hope that helps...


Love it! Sorry to be brief but I like it as is.


Hi Charles,

I admire your rallying call via email for donations to help with the devastation in New Orleans.

If any of you don't subscribe to Coach Staley's newsletter he requested a mere 5 dollar donation from each individual to help raise money for NOLA. The goal is $100,000.

This is the link Coach Staley provided for donations: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9115520/

Coach, whats the tally up to now? Last I heard it already hit $6,000.


Charles, if going for the KB option on O lift day, do you recommend ladders, max reps in 15 minutes, or other?


Thanks for helping to spread the word, we're already past $12,000!


I would only use HEAVY KB's for O-lift day BTW. I'd use both of those methods, alternating every 3 weeks