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OK team, I'm here for a few hours, how may I be of service?


Coach Staley,
Do you see a problem with consuming 90% of my fats in one meal or should I try to split it into two meals? This meal will be consumed in the pm hours and combined with protien and very little CHO.


OK, first there are better nutrition people around her, specifically Dr's Berardi and Lowery. But my view is that you normally shouldn't eat more than about 500 cals per meal, except for perhaps breakfast and/or post-workout. And on those 2 meals you'll want to keep fat to a minimum. So, no, I'm not a fan of that particular idea because the protein content of that meal will be too low and/or the cals will be too high. Spread most of your fat intake across your last 3-4 meals of the day IMO



First, just wanted to say that your recommendation for doing 15 singles at 85% was tougher than I thought it would be. But it got easier in the end via the neural drive effect that you once mentioned.

My quesiton: at what point does using EDT principles just not make sense? For instance, I'm interested in building strength-endurance in addition to strength. While you are correct that building "brute" strength will lead to increases in strength-endurance, I've also discovered that sometimes you just need to put the reps in. Plus, doing high rep sets every now and then is good for active recovery and helps my joints feel good. So, would it make sense, to build strength-endurance, to take my 20 RM and do sets starting with 10 reps and continuing to do as many reps as I could through the 15-min PR zone? I know - I just described the old German Volume Training routine. Thanks.


Mike, yeah, your suggestion makes sense. I even like mixing different qualities together for this purpose...for ex, work up to a heavy 1-3RM squat, then back down to 70% for reps. I know some coaches don't like this approach, but to me, the neural aftermath of the heavy sets is too valuable to waste if that makes sense...


Hey coach...

My question has to do more with business rather than training. I once saw pic's of your home gym that was quite nice I must say. I too have a nice set up and was wondering if you train clients out of your home? I ask because I need to get out on my own and my home gym would kill all overhead.


Yes, I do train clients from my home

Not a fan of overhead, and I have a pretty nice place here too, so the more I can hang out at home, the better! But then again, I'm somewhat anti-social :wink:


Thanks for your reply coach. Do you have any hang ups training from home? I know your name carries a lot of weight, but have you had anyone not want to train out of your home?


Hi Charles,

Got a 413 lbs. squat PR at a meet on saturday. I Would really appreciate it if you could give me some input on my technique.



Hey I replied to this already over in strength sports!


Not that I know of. But I'm in a different scenario also...I'm not actively seeking clients, nor do I need them for income purposes. So the only clients I have are those who seek me out in the first place...


Just ordered your Muscle Logic book from Amazon last week. Must wait until Oct 17 for delivery. Could you give a quick synopsis on it and how it differs from the DVD and EDT arms book?