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Staley Guest Call Today-Bud Jeffries


You want to listen to this call? it is from 3-4 PST and I will give away passes to 5 of you who post here in the next 90 minutes. It is a long distance call and I send you the code through your pm. This is about Bud:

About Bud Jeffries:

Bud Jeffries is 30 years old and lives in Lakeland, Florida with his wife
Heather and eight-year-old son, Noah. He works as a Sports Massage
Therapist. He has written a book on squats and leg training and produced an
accompanying video. He has also written a book on combining the popular
bodyweight exercises with strongman and barbell training. He plans several
more books and videos in a series. He has won 2 state, 2 regional, 1
national and 1 world championship in Drug-Free Powerlifting. He has set over
30 records including 2 world records and several national/American records.
He was a member of the University of Florida 1991 SEC Championship Football
Team. He has competed in Highland Games, winning his division in Orlando
1998. He has competed in NHB fights and Toughman competition. He stands
5'11" tall, weighs 346lbs with 23" arms, 35" thighs, 58" chest and 47" waist


wow ... he's tiny ... please sign me up J!


Can I get in on it?


too late-sorry


Definitely get in on this one, everybody. Bud is a cool guy with a great perspective - not to mention some crazy lifting numbers. I interviewed him a while back.


nobody else bit?

amazing ...

this guy squatted 1000 from the bottom
this guy squatted 700 for 15
this guy walked with 500 for 1/2 a mile


at the bottom check out lifts for his 8 year old son

his WIFE squatted over 650

anyhoo, another refreshing angle



I didn't realize he lived so close. I should go down for a massage and to talk training.