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Staley Guest Call Giveaway with John Berardi

Hohoho… told you we would be back with more holiday giveaways! This giveaway is 5 call passes for the guest call tomorrow with John Berardi who will be giving plenty of scrumptious holiday tips for your menu. If interested in winning please post here. This call will take place between 3:00pm-4:00pm pst- Stay tuned to this post tomorrow as I will pick the winners then and pm you the details-Julianne


As a student of nutrition, I would be very interested in the call.

pick me, pick me

bump- and remember, even if you have won before you can still play along!-Julainne

I’d welcome an opportunity to talk with Coach Staley. I’ve got lots of athletes, so I’ve got lots of questions.

I would love to have the opportunity to speak with JB. Sign me up!!!

I have this feeling that there are others that could take advantage of this at a far greater level than I could, but how could I pass this up?

Throw my name in the hat if at all possible.



bump-3 hours left to put your name in and then I will pick and pm the info to winners-Julianne

Well, the ones who played along got the call so check your PM’s-Julianne

I am too late aren’t I?!?!? Damn this work thing!

Great call. Thanks team.

Very interesting experience; some of the info presented rang a bell, but it hadn’t really sunk in.

Things learned:

  1. I need to eat more.
  2. My breakfast choice possibly needs to be re-evaluated.
  3. See number one.

Things to look into:

  1. Energy Balance
  2. Energy Flux

Great info; I really appreciate the chance to listen in. There were also some great questions asked, ones that I think may have blown my rather obvious oatmeal question out of the water. I’ll get you guys next time, you’ll see…

And heh, I think I (Nathan) left the “Dr.” out when addressing Dr. JB. If that offended you, I apologise; some people are rather touchy on that. It was not meant to be a slight towards you.

Again, thanks to all parties involved.

-F"Gonna Learn Some More Big Words"C

A big thanks to TeamStaley for this one. The information provided was invaluable, and everyone should pick up a copy of Dr. JB’s book, Gourmet Nutrition.


RIT Jared