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Staley/Cosgrove's Fat Loss Version of EDT

Has anyone seen the recent MyoDynamics newsletter that has the EDT for Fat Loss program designed by Charles Staley and Alwyn Cosgrove? Better yet, anyone tried it?

Monty, I’ll be starting the EDT Fat Loss program next Monday (at least, my own version of it). I hover between 8-9% bodyfat currently, so if all goes as planned I should be hitting 6% within a month. At least, that’s what Mr. Cosgrove promises!

Yeah, it looks like a pretty solid program. A little hard to believe that one can supposedly drop .5 percent/week with no changes to the diet, but this sure would be a nice change of pace from Meltdown. I may give it a shot as well. I may also look into that Fiber Smart supplement to take w. my protein shakes as well. Good luck!

I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but has anyone heard any news about the EDT arms book? It was supposed to be shipped 2 weeks ago, and I have recieved no word (let alone book.)

- Ike

i got the book last week

Monty, that FiberSmart supplement isn’t really anything special, not to mention it’s pretty expensive. You could just grind up flax seeds yourself and add a couple tablespoons to each of your protein drinks. I do!

Hmm, thought I was signed up for the newsletter, but guess not. I would like to take a look at the program, is it short enough to copy/paste here? or is there a way I can see it online?

What is the EDT for Fat Loss program? Could someone please post it, if it is allowed?

Yeap, me too, I got the same problem.



Damn, I’m getting screwed. Hope the book comes soon.

I just finished one week of Fat Loss EDT, and I cannot move any muscle in my body without the wonderful feedback of pain. Even my neck is sore??? I don’t think I worked out my neck. Not to mess up a completely good program, but do you think it would hurt to do HIIT style cardio (30mins of 1:3) on off days (tues, thurs)?

Mustang, you are mentioning being in pain and wanting to add more work? You are a renegade. I would suggest doing the routine as outlined without any additions for a few weeks. Its brutal, huh? After one week, what are your feelings? your results if any? What level of conditioning were you at when you started?

Mustang, no it would not. It would actually accelarate fat loss if HIIT was performed on off days, you could even do another on saturday. Or instead of HIIT you could perform some ropeskip rounds with GPP, and even some of the new sledgehammer GPP going around.

Jay very good point, but don’t you think the addition of Jump rope work with GPP will help in accelarating recovery? HIIT type training could also do the same but I would agree with you that it might cause more “Pain.”

Jay, yeah I didn’t think it would be so brutal of a program until the day after when everything was sore. I guess I should mention I’m taking 4adec. Also, preworkout I take 2 caps MD6 and/or whatever I have around that will get me jacked along with 2 Scoops of Surge. This usually gets me jacked/energized enough to go nuts (artificially induced extremely high conditioning level) for those 3 fifteen minute PR zones. My results are pretty interesting because after 1 week, my weight went from 223 to 227lbs (due to the 4adec), but in the mirror I have much more pronounced (extremely apparent) vascularity in the shoulders and chest, and my forearms have grown in girth/density. I don’t understand why girls think it’s gross to have more vascularity. Also, I don’t know if this has a fat burning effect, but I’ve been waking up in a puddle of sweat every night where my shirt, pillow and comforter are soaked in sweat. Gotta love being jacked up for those 2 week cycles.

Boxer Al, yeah, I think I might try some GPP on the off days. Excellent idea.

The EDT for Fat Loss program from the newsletter has several hybrid lift exercises that I am not familiar with. Anyone able to give a hyperlink or written description explaining the following exercises:

  1. Alternating max lunge (1RM?)
  2. Push up-prone tuck combo (Hindu push up?)
  3. SHELC
  4. Good morning-Squat hybrid
  5. Lateral lunge and touch

    Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t quite understand the beginning of the workout. First the core exercise warm-up then a core exercise 15 min PR Zone with singles then the 3 PR Zone Circuit. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding? I want to start on Monday but would like to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Also I have a lot of muscle already but have over 40lbs of fat to lose. Is this program right for me? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This thread is talking about a different program – the Staley/Cosgrove EDT Fat loss program from a Myodynamics newsletter. You are asking about the new EDT Fat Loss program from this week’s T-mag.

To answer your qeustion: you are correct in your description of the new EDT Fat-Loss workout. However, you might want to read Charles’ Covergent Phase Training article for more information.


The “Core” exercise is separate from the “circuit” exercises. “Core” exercise is performed first (Bench, Squat, Hang-Pull, or substite your own). You do the core exercise for 4-6 sets of 2-3 reps, using progressively heavier weights. Work up to 80-90% of 1RM. Then set the clock for 15 minutes and get as many singles as you can (start with 10). This takes about 30 minutes.

After this, you do the “circuit”, which consists of (3) 15-minute EDT style sessions.

Total workout time would be about 1 hr 30 min. There are 3 core exercises and 2 circuits, so no 2 workouts in any 2 week period will be the same. Then the phases “converge” after 2 weeks (read Convergent Phase training article for more details).

His plan is great, but I have been doing my own for a while and until gains stop, I am sticking with it. power cleans, 16 total reps. start with 1 rep, start every rep on the minute. when that is easy, next session I do 8 sets of 2, again on the minute. then 5 sets of 3, then 4 of 4. when easy, increase weight and drop back down. then a circuit with military press and deadlifts. 16 reps total goal. When I catch my breath, its off to chins and hanging leg raise. when i catch my breath, close grip bench and rows. When i feel I have topped out in weight, I will THEN adapt the EDT and do set time and perform max weights. Sets of 3 with 6rm. I am gassed when I leave. I do this 3x/week.