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Staley Call Giveaway- TATE- FEB 22


Ok- we have a great call coming up next week Feb. 22 from 3:00-4:00 PST: DAVE TATE.

I am going to giveaway 7 call passes here so if you want in on this call post here. I will pick the winners randomly so no need to suck up. Keep your pms on and I will send you call number and code if picked. You have up to Tuesday night 11:00pm Feb 21 to post.

Yes, you have to pay for the call- whatever your long distance charges normally are, and yes, even if you live in Canada you can do this. Whatever you do this call is going to be well worth it-Jules


I'm in


oh go on then..


Hmm, could use Skype !


Charles, count me in.


Count me in! That'd be sick.


I'm in.


Count me in too!




woo-hoo! sign me up.


Ahhh christ, thats when I have class!


I must say: Dave Fuckin' Tate!

I'm in.


I am interested.


me me me!


Sounds great.


Tate FTW.


Me and my other personality will be there.


sounds good


count me in


I can always use some Tate as I'm just getting started powerlifing.