Staley Call Giveaway-Cosgrove!

ok boys and girls … early Happy Holidays as Charles interviews Alwyn Cosgrove this Wednesday
12-7-05 from 3:00 to 4:00 PST. Wanna listen in? I will pick 5 of you randomly to take part on this call
so post here that you want in. Make sure you have your pm’s turned on as Wednesday around 1:00 pm PST I will send the winners the number and code to call in on and take part. HO HO HO-Julianne

Pick Me!!!


Definitely pick me…I am totally random.

its like impossible to get picked but ill give it a shot

oh oh, me me!

pick me!!

ok- I can’t believe only 6 signed up for this- what the heck, all 6 of you can have the call instead of 5. Have your pm’s on-Jules