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Staley Call -Dennis Rogers

5 of you will win call passes to this call tomorrow 11-16 from 3:00 to 4:00 PST. People pay mucho bucks to listen to this guy talk- and he has talked all over the world, including on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman. Keep your PM’s on and for 5 of you I will send the number and code to call in on sometime tomorrow before 1:00 pm PST. Post here if you want to win!-Julianne

PS- and here is more on Dennis Rogers:

Rogers’ message is very simple. It’s his advice for everyday people living everyday lives in extraordinary times. His message is one that Dennis, 47, learned the hard way. Born in 1956 in Bethesda, Maryland, the son of a career Marine, Dennis and his family moved quite frequently. It was difficult enough transferring from school to school trying to find his place in an ever-changing world. If that weren’t enough, Dennis also had a personal challenge - he was always the smallest boy in his class. Although a high school freshman, Dennis stood just 4 foot 11 inches and weighed only 79 pounds. Most students endure a certain level of anxiety, but for Dennis, it became almost unbearable as he faced relentless ridicule of his gym classmates. Soon, Dennis chose a path that would change his life - and the lives of many others to come - forever. Wise beyond his years, Dennis turned to exercise and a strict physical regime to overcome the challenges he faced. He began lifting weights and working out with a vengeance, but the results weren’t physically visible. As he approached the eleventh grade, Dennis still only weighed 88 pounds. But, he made an amazing discovery - he was amazingly strong.

“As part of our family business, my dad, brothers and I made big boat covers out of heavy canvas rolls. We lived at the top of a hill, and the workshop was behind our house. I used to help by unloading the rolls of canvas,” Dennis recalls. “I would pull a roll to the end of the station wagon’s tailgate. My father would grab the other end, and we would walk up the hill to the workshop. One particular day, I grabbed the roll, pulled it to the end, and put it on my shoulder. I asked ‘Dad, do you have it?’ My dad answered, and I thought he had the other end and was following behind me.” It turns out Dennis’ dad was busy and never heard his question. Dennis had carried the heavy canvas roll all the way up the hill by himself. At that moment, Dennis thought, “Wow! I’m strong!”

Until that point, Dennis had lived his own life with limits. He was limited by his size and feelings of self-doubt. From that moment forward, Dennis took control of his situation by committing himself to weight lifting and strength training. He still weighed only 88 pounds by age 16, but his training soon enabled him to lift twice his body weight over his head. Lifting weights soon gave way to arm-wrestling competitions, and Dennis captured the East Coast Arm Wrestling Championship. He followed that with 10 state and two national arm-wrestling championships as well as the U.S. Open and the World Arm-Wrestling championship. Dennis soon began successful attempts at feats of sheer strength. He became a professional strong man in 1991. In 1993, he prevented two T-34 Aircraft (285 horsepower each) from taking off, earning him “The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen Highest Achievement Award.” In 1995, Dennis successfully prevented four Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycles at full throttle from moving for 12 seconds. In 1998, Dennis bent a one-half-inch thick, 17.5 inches long steel bar around his neck into a “U” shape. In 2001, he bent an 8 inch adjustable wrench into an “S” shape. And, he can easily tear thick books vertically using only two fingers. Then Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongman President Vic Boff stated, ?Considering the history of physical culture and the great strong men related to that history, Dennis Rogers without a doubt is one of the strongest strength athletes ever in the realm of human strength. With a body weight of 160 pounds, Dennis is POUND-FOR-POUND the ?STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD? for the feats he performs.?

The young kid everyone made fun of in gym class now garners worldwide attention. He has been seen on many shows including; Oprah, the Late Show with David Letterman, and The New Tom Green Show, and has made multiple appearances on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and the former ?Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.? His feats have made headlines on every major network including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, Discovery and CNN.

The Houston-based husband (wife Sylvia) and father of four (*Dennis Jr., Jay, Christian, Aaron) now incorporates his amazing feats of strength into motivational speeches in which he helps people to ?break free from their strongholds.? ?I encourage people to break free by helping them identify the strongholds in their lives. Specifically, I help them to recognize self-placed limitations,? said Rogers. ?Most often, that means helping them step outside that familiar comfort zone that so many of us have created for ourselves.?

Dennis is quick to point out that he doesn?t have all the answers, However, he?s quick to pose the questions that empower individuals to be the very best they can be. Dennis travels have taken him and his message to almost all of the 50 states as well as Venezuela, Guatemala, Canada and Germany. On the motivational speaking circuit, he has addressed such groups as Compaq, The Coyote Vision Group, Ikon Office Solutions and Metro National Corporation. Through televised and personal appearances, Dennis has reached an audience of more than 200 million people world- wide.

Armed with a simple message, Dennis? goal has the potential for far-reaching effects that touch the lives of people of all ages from all walks of life- ?I want to motivate people to develop their talents and go after their dreams.? It just might be his most amazing feat ever.

Please join us on Wednesday for this very special Interview!

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I can’t believe that only 5 signed up for this! Anyway- you 5 check your pms for the code info-Julianne

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[quote]teamstaley wrote:
I can’t believe that only 5 signed up for this! Anyway- you 5 check your pms for the code info-Julianne[/quote]

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