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Staley Bootcamp - Oct. 15


So who's going to be at the Staley Bootcamp on Oct. 15? I'm hoping to meet a lot of T-Nation members. I'm excited to finally meet Chris Shugart, CW, Charles Staley, Dave Barr, Dan John and others in person!!! I know Phill, Jodgey, Bastard and Jillybop will be there. Who else?

I fly in on Friday at 7:06pm on American Airlines. I also found out that my friend's sister lives nearby, so she'll pick me up at the airport and bring out some of her friends on Saturday night after the Boot Camp. :wink:

Since my flight leaves at 5:38 AM on Sunday, I think I'll just party all night until my flight! :stuck_out_tongue: Who's down like Charlie Brown?


See ya there. Should be a blast. I think my flight leaves around 9 on sunday morning so I was thinkin the same thing...



Sweet deal Joe! I look forward to meeting you. Be sure to introduce yourself.

I'm sure I'll stick out like a sore thumb (only loud, obnoxious, short, bald guy there!).


I NEED to make it to one of those things. Call me an idiot but where are they held?


Phoenix, AZ.


analog kid-I NEED to make it to one of those things. Call me an idiot but where are they held?

Actually this is the first one in AZ,Chandler to be exact. They use to be in Las Vegas but then the authorities , I mean, Charles had us all move here. Besides, after the escapades Shugart and Barr pulled last year, well, we were told not to have any more events there. What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas no matter what you may have heard.Rumor has it that Dave Barr married some cocktail waitress he knew about 3 hours and then when he went to have it annulled she gave him a fight because she wanted Canadian citizenship.Also I heard Shugart tried to pass off all his lap dances as business expenses and that was a problem. Anyway, we are having this October 15 in Chandler Az and if you live near here call me and I may be able to squeeze you in- One lucky attendee is going home with the Ultimate goody bag worth $$$-Julianne


I'd love to, but I have a previous engagement on the 14th unfortunately. I'll keep an eye out, I'd love to attend the next one!


If there are any spots left, T-Nation readers should grab them up fast.

These Boot Camps are the closest thing to "T-Nation seminars" out there. Great fun, great learning opportunity, great way to go home with a strange itching sensation. (But that clears up pretty fast, and the memories last forever.)

I also hear that Staley et al are giving away tons of free stuff this year, so pack an extra suitcase!


I'll be there; looking forward to meeting other Nation-folks. I'm from Phoenix, so if you need suggestions on where to hang/what to do, I'm willing to help.


Shugart wrote:
I also hear that Staley et al are giving away tons of free stuff this year, so pack an extra suitcase!

You betcha Chris-what would a Staley event be without our big giveaways. This year we have got some great stuff-and like I wrote earlier one lucky winner is getting a major gift bag loaded with all sorts of stuff$$$-Jules


Hey I look forward to seeing you all there guys. We really do have a lot of fun at these events, so for those of you who're coming, trust me, you'll be just IMMERSED in great info all day long. Plus you'll see how much of a geek I really am!


I'll be there! Can't wait.

The bootcamp last year in Vegas was great. This one is supposed to be even better.



Friday night ... somewhere:
(1) low key enough to have conversation
(2) that serves good food
(3) and great beer
(4) within cabbing distance from chandler
(5) that will let Nate Dogg in



hey bastard I know you- I will call you tomorrow and give you some cool ideas- there are plenty of places within walking distance-J


CANT wait.

After attending last year I see no possible way that this wont be a Memorable experience.

See you there,


Sounds good to me for Friday night, especially after six hours of flying and adjusting to the time change. I'll make sure I wear clothes so they will let me in. Going places "bottomless" doesn't seem to be accepted too much these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if the seminar is going to be from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., will there be breaks throughout the day to eat? Or should I bring a tub of Grow, a shaker cup and snacks with me to hold me throughout the day? I eat all the time and can't go the day on only one meal break (lunch). :wink:

Saturday night is on like donkey kong! My friend's sister will also come out to play and bring a hot friend or two along. I'm gonna have to stay up all night since my freakin' flight leaves at 5:30 AM! Ouch.

Should be a BLAST!!!!

Don't freak out if I act like I've known you for years and slap your ass or grab your cock and balls. j/k! hahahahahahahaha!

By the way, what's the name of the hotel that the seminar is at?


You guys are making me jealous. I HAVE to catch one of these...sometime.



Thank God I got to skip chemo this year so I wouldn't be grouped in with you... well, short, loud, bald WOMAN, LOL.

I'm in Phx as well and will be there, looking forward to meeting everyone.

Went to Vegas last year and I have to concur with everyone else... these things ROCK. Charles and Julianne always put together a very good and informative weekend. I hear there are a few seats left, I would definitely contact Julianne if you're in the area and would like to attend!!!!


I'll be there and hope to meet all trainers, lifters and clowns. Power to education, learning and fun.
Note: Charles still haven't received my information as to site and times.


Last year we had several take a short leak breaks and a longer lunch break. You will not look odd if you bring a snack along.