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Staley Annual Training Summit 06


Two full days this year October 14 and 15 . This will be the Granddaddy of all Boot Camps right here in the Phoenix area.

Want to come back and see Dan John, or Lonnie Lowery, Charles or Keats? That is just a small portion of who is presenting this year... lots of BIG surprises in store. Brand new presenters and some old friends. One I will give away now-Chris Shugart himself!!

Wanna come? You need to pm me a phone number to call you at. We have quite a list already so start making plans now. And if you are already on my "good list" know that the give aways are gonna be way sweeter even ...



I HIGHLY suggest anyone who can make it to one of these. You'll be hooked after the first one.


I'm very interested! Just one thing, who are you? I've never seen you post here before and is there a price?


look up teamstaley posts- I have been here for a long while. And yes, there is a price for everything and don't you forget it-Jules

PS And yes, I will call you this weekend when you have your free minutes.



Very cool!


GOOD LORD!!! never seen her round here. she only comes on at least weekly it seems giving away COOL schwag etc... From team Staley.

Im amazed she didnt bite your head off Jules can be down right vicious if she needs to be :slight_smile: lol

Hope you can make it and Me as wll have to see if I can swing it,



These Staley boot camps are great. I've gone to three of them now, and they get better every single year. The vibe at these things is great - very positive and communal. It's an honor to be speaking at this year's!


These Staley boot camps are great because I've gone to none of them, and they get better every single year. Till now that is. The vibe at these things used to be great - very positive and communal but not anymore. There will be splits in the camp, fights on the lawn and general disharmony between all. It's an honor to be speaking at this year's...just watch Charles try and stop me!


Watch yourself Will- I am not above calling into customs and having you detained at the airport--Jules

PS everyone- do not let Heffernan scare you off.
These events really rock and today and tomorrow I have a special price for T-Nation members. PM me


People will come because of me. I'm house trained and I know how to behave myself just ask the John's. Tiff will tell you...I know how to mix properly with adults...I'll be on my best behaviour.






Don't listen to Shugart's talk. All he will do is bitch about fat people anyway. Hopefully he will go first, and thus you all can sleep in and be energized to hear me. Yes, that is right. I will be speaking about the psychology of jogging induced euphoria, commonly referred to as "runner's high". In what will turn out to be the most revelationary hour of your lives, I will morph all of you muscle-bound meatheads into long distance runners.

But even were I not to speak, you all should go. These Staley things are like the T-Fest, only x 1,000,000, ^2, + infinity - TC.

And the wagering starts here ... $100 says we get Shugart totally hammered. That is, of course, assuming he actually leaves the hotel.


Your best behaviour Will? That's what I'm afraid of...J


I am in th eoffice all day today and if you want to go to this pm me today so you can save $$ off the cost- Don't let money be an issue, I will help you to work it out -Jules


I'm in...just in case you want to make a plan to move to another hemisphere in October. I will be at the boot camp and I'm calling out that little bitch Bauer...I am going to rock up at this Boot Camp at 130kg and 10% body fat. He might have stole the show and got all the boys panting hot and heavy in DC but at the Boot Camp it is going to be all about me.

I'm not going to spend time trying to talk to Fouts while he's busy peering over my shoulder at that big piece of man meet ever again.


Will there ever be a bootcamp in Australia ???? You Americans have all the fun !!


Oh Will, what Fouts and I have goes so far beyond us enjoying each others man meat. You just need to put your jealousy aside.

Anyway, I'll definitely have to see if I can swing such a trip, doesn't seem like something I should miss out on, especially since you're 'calling me out'...


I'm in


Ahhhh....Bauer....I did actually think you'd be reading that....it was more or less one of those boasts you make when there is absolutely no chance of having to back it up...you know...like just about every second post here at T-Nation....I really don't mind sharing Dan....he's more than enough man for the 2 of us.


We are going to run a Heffernanathon that will test each and every attribute that contributes to the composition of the complete athlete.

I suggest that you start making plans to fly in on the Thursday so you are ready to compete on the Friday. It will be a one day event involving competition, meat and alcohol consumption for those that feel the need to handicap themselves to bring them back to the field due to there superior genetics (Bauer). Be aware that this event will be drug tested and there will be random urine samples taken...so bring a cup if you want to take part in the sampling.

The events are listed below in no particular order and are definitely up for discussion regarding their final make up:

  1. Max Deadlift
  2. DB Snatch.
  3. Overhead Barbell Press (No split jerk, feet parallel. place bar overhead)
  4. 3 minute cage fight
  5. 100m
  6. Most muscular pose in your underwear
  7. 400m
  8. Push Ups (Maximum repetitions in 60 seconds)
  9. Spelling Bee
  10. Chins (Repetitions to failure, pronated grip, full arm extension at the bottom)
  11. Vertical Jump
  12. Full Splits (or as close as you can get)


This one is already on my calendar, folks; it'd be a good one to attend.

I'll also be at Ryan Lee's Bootcamp in Stamford, CT earlier in the month; that would be another great one for people to attend (Alwyn, Zach Even-Esh, and Mike Boyle among others will all be presenting).