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Stalemate: The Last 20 Pounds


So I have been dieting for a while now and have cut down from 245lbs to 195lbs (currently ~21% bf) through some extreme dieting, which I now realize is very bad as once you get off the diet you seem to want to make up for all the calories you missed out on. I have fluctuated between 190lbs and 205lbs for a while with more extreme dieting and then binging, which has proved useless. I am now starting to eat "clean" and want to know what you guys (and girls) think of my nutrition plan and workout plan.

Meal 1 Pre-workout: Omlette with egg whites of 6 eggs, 1 whole egg, mushroom, and 1 slice of low fat American cheese.

Meal 2 Post-workout: 2 scoops protein (48g protein), 5g L-glutamine, one piece of fruit.

Meal 3 Mid-day lunch/snack: 5oz lean beef chicken or fish, large salad, vegetables galore, piece of fruit.

Meal 4 Dinner: 5oz lean beef chicken or fish, vegetables, sometimes a starch such as a baked potato.

Meal 5 ~2h before bed: 2 scoops protein (48g protein), 5g L-glutamine.

(Olive oil, multivitamins, fish oil, Oxyelite Pro thermogenic, and Jack3d pre-workout also added in throughout the day).

5day cycle: Day 1 chest and tri's, day 2 back and bi's, day 3, shoulders, day 4 legs, day 5 rest.
Ab ripper x 2-4x per week, with some HIIT added in 1-2x per week if I can, but not on the same day.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: Basketball practice, game, practice, light play.

So in total I'm getting around 220g protein and a bit less than 2000 calories a day and working hard at the gym. I really want to get lean fast, so let me know what you guys think of how I'm going about losing fat.



Try it for two weeks and stay consistent. If you're losing fat, keep it up. If not, tweak it and do two more weeks.

Everything works, nothing works forever.


So I tried it this week and only lasted till Friday (as usual) and then came the feasting . . . Would you recommend upping the protein or adding a few complex carbs?


There's very little fat in your diet. Increase that?


This. try to add (9-12g) of fish oil, take 2 pills with evry meal.


Hey jackass, he said run it for two weeks, then tweek it. You ran it a few days and went back to eating like a fatass. Follow the diet for two weeks, then tweak it if need be. If you cant go more than 5 days before "feasting" then theres your problem.


Jakabol, easy. I posted this halfway through doing it and it didn't work for me. I'm just trying to get people who have done the same to help me out, no need to get your panties in a bunch and post an unnecessary comment like that. Go rage at someone else . . .

And its really easy to act tough on the Internet


You say that this diet didn't "work" for you, but really what isn't working for you is your willpower. You can't really tell after a few days if a diet is working that well or not, and the fact that you just went back to "feasting" cancels out all of those efforts. It's all a mental game, and you have to want it at all costs.


Ok, thanks man. I think you nailed it.


if you like eating big meals look into IF'ing , 3 meals a day where you eat till youre FULL ,alot of people myself included have commented on how the constant hunger and the allday fixation of food goes almost overnight. theres a good thread on here or check out martins site . its easy writing a diet down on paper and doin the math but if your constantly hungry and thinking about food/eating you may as well throw that piece of paper out the window .