Stale Yellow Looking

One of my 10ml’s seems to of changed color on me. during my last inject, when I pierced the top i accidently went in at an angle and went through the stopper. I pulled it out and re-entered through the center. All seemed fine.

When I pulled the 10ml out again for my next inject it looked a little more yellow in color? Did I comprimise the juice, maybe it got some air in there. Either way, i took my inject as i normally do. Should I be worried?

Id really hope that everytime you take some product out of the vial that you go through the stopper. A minimal amount of air will get into the vial each time. With the BA in mix it shouldn’t be an issue.

Ive never had anything change colour on me before and would probably be worried if it did. However its just tough to tell as to why yours may have.

If you really have concerns regarding sterilization, your best bet is to just vent the vial with a needle and set it in the oven for 10 minutes at 225 degrees F.

Also, I see this is your second post. Are you perhaps a new guy and made the mistake of storing test in your fridge?

I’ve seen this happen before. You leave it in there long enough and it actually can re-crystallize resulting in a changed color, but not a huge change, just some apparent cloudiness.

Ultimately, your best bet is to just sterilize it via the oven as I mentioned.


Are you mixing two different steroids in the same syringe. I know that tren e can can turn your test yellowish if you get a little of it in your bottle.

thanks guys for the info. No im not new, just new to this forum. i know its weird and figured Id get some feedback to know for sure. i feel fine!

The oil may oxidize, resulting in a change in color. Some compounds, especially tren, are dark soon after brewing, but tend to lighten in color in the days after. Both of these will likely only be seen shortly after brewing, but if you didn’t brew I don’t know what to tell you.